Fill in your personal account information
Cannawayz Platform - free platform for Cannabis Industry Users

1. Your account ID. Your ID number is unique to you and is automatically issued to every portal user. Regardless of any changes you make to your account information, your account can always be identified by your ID number. You cannot change your ID number.

2. Your email. This is your contact for all notifications and messages from the portal: registration confirmation, password change confirmations, order status updates, and our newsletters.
Please use a functional email account. If you forget your password, you will need access to this account to reset your password.
If you need to change your profile email address, please contact[email protected] and customer service will assist you. You cannot change the email address yourself.

This email address also serves as your portal user login.

3. Please include your first and last name. We need both names to correctly address you. Both names are also required to process orders (as the recipient) and make doctor’s appointments.

4. We inquire about your gender to ensure we address you correctly.

5. Date of birth. This is a required field. However, you can change it later if you wish. This date is necessary to verify that you’re over 21. By law, we cannot allow users younger than 21 years of age to register as portal users. It is also used as an indicator for shops – many of which offer discounts on your birthday.

Cannawayz Platform - free platform for Cannabis Industry Users

Use the pop-up calendar to select your birth date. The day you select will be marked in green.

Cannawayz Platform - free platform for Cannabis Industry Users

After selecting your date of birth, save it by clicking the “apply” button.

Cannawayz Platform - free platform for Cannabis Industry Users

The date shown in your profile will change to the new date.

6. Password. If necessary, you may change your assigned password. If you wish to change your password, enter the new password in the appropriate field. Try to come up with a secure password but make sure you remember it. Create a secure, easy to remember password. The password must include at least 8 characters and include a mix of letters and numbers. Avoid obvious combinations, like qwerty or 12345678. The field are as empty by default, even though you were given a password at registration. This is done for security reasons. If you don’t want to change your password, leave this field blank.

7. Repeat the password exactly as you typed it in the previous field. If you do not want to change the password, leave this field blank.

8. Phone number. A phone number is required in case we need to get in touch with you and as a back-up method to restore your account access.

9. Country. Please select your country of residence from the drop-down menu. If your country isn’t listed, please contact [email protected] and customer service will help you with your portal registration. We need to confirm your country of origin to ensure you see appropriate store advertising for your region, to make sure delivery is possible in your area, and to confirm routes to the stores or clinics closest to you.

Cannawayz Platform - free platform for Cannabis Industry Users

10. Address. Similar to confirming your country of origin, it’s necessary to correctly determine your region, to process your order and plan the delivery route. Please enter your full address here.

11. Once you’ve completed your profile, click the “SAVE” button to save the form data.

Cannawayz Platform - free platform for Cannabis Industry Users