This is where you list the special offers currently available in your store.

1. Current company. Select the appropriate store (if you are operating multiple stores).

2. Add a new deal.

When you click the button, this window will pop-up:

All fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

Deal photo. Upload a an image illustrating the offer or the product. We recommend using high resolution, square images. To upload a photo, click Upload photo and upload the image from your device in the pop-up window.

You can only upload one image. If you want to change or remove the photo, click Delete photo

Deal name. Be sure the name short, informative, and reflective of the special offer.

Include an offer date if applicable. Enter the last day the deal is available into the calendar. The deal begins the day it’s published. Click the calendar button to choose the date.

Enter the month, day, and year the deal ends into the pop-up window. Click Apply to confirm the selected date.

Select the category most applicable to your deal. Important! If you don’t see an applicable category, contact and we’ll add your preferred category or subcategory.

Enter deal details into the description field. Specify details, conditions, exceptions, or appropriate deal products, if the deal doesn’t apply to the entire category.

Click Save Changes to save your deal.

The deal will now appear in the My deals section.

The View/Change button opens the Deal editing window.

You can remove a deal by checking it off on the list and clicking delete selected. Take note! This action cannot be reversed. If you delete a deal by accident, you must re-input the entire deal.

You can check several deals at once. Be aware, checking “Select all” will check all available deals.