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Doctor420Hawaii provides medical cannabis & marijuana certifications for qualifying patients in Hawaii. We have assisted more than 4,000 patients to lawfully possess marijuana and cannabis products for medicinal use since 2003.

Doctor420Hawaii is a Medicinal Cannabis Evaluation Center providing 329 marjuana card certifications.

We are NOT an authorized retailer or distributor of medical cannabis or marijuana products. Please contact the state licensed dispensary nearest you to purchase marijuana.   We will accept out-of-state identification to obtain a 329 card as long as the patient can provide both a local physical AND mailing address.   Certifications take a minimum of four (4) weeks to process and must be renewed every year to stay current.   Please take a moment to review the 329 card eligibility requirements on our website before contacting us.  

Our office is located in Hilo on the Big Island, and we travel to O'ahu, Maui, Molokai, and Kauai to hold monthly clinics for our patients. Contact our office today to see if you are eligible for a 329 marijuana card and/or to become a caregiver.

Doctor420Hawaii is NOT an authorized retailer or distributor of medical cannabis or marijuana products.

About Us

Effective Change LLC is a Moloka’i Medicinal Cannabis Certification Center

Effective Change LLC is pleased to offer a comprehensive approach to health through medicinal cannabis. Moloka’i patients can connect with the compassionate staff of Effective Change LLC to obtain their Hawai’i medicinal cannabis (329) Registration Card.

Effective Change LLC is comprised of a traveling medical team with their home base in Hilo, Hawai’i, who are dedicated to the health and wellness of their community. Matthew Brittain, LCSW, and Dr. Christopher Lawinski, MD, coordinate medicine and clinical social work as an effective combination to assist patients in achieving the highest quality of life possible with the adjunct use of medicinal cannabis. Their administrative support staff help to create an efficient and organized structure to support patients in obtaining a 329 card. Effective Change LLC brings Moloka’i medicinal cannabis patients more than just a registry card. Matthew Brittain, LCSW, will gladly lend his knowledge on cultivation in Moloka’i, outfitting patients with essential information regarding growing in Hawai’i’s climate.

Effective Change LLC is the only medical team that provides specialized cannabis-based medical specialization services on Moloka’i.


The founder of Effective Change has a longstanding relationship with the advocacy of medical marijuana in Hawai’i. He began his journey in 1999 when a bill for legalization reached the legislature. Soon thereafter, Dr. Wenner, one of the founding fathers of the cannabis movement in Hawai’i passed, which left a void in marijuana advocacy as well as a large number of Hawai’i residents without the ability to re-certify themselves for medical marijuana use. Brittain founded Effective Change in 2002 to fill those needs, expanding in 2006 to include O’ahu and Kaua’i, in 2007 to include Moloka’i, and finally in 2010 to include Maui. Matthew and Dr. Lawinski have been working together for six years and are delighted to continue bringing cost-efficient medical marijuana certifications to Moloka'i.


The first step to registering with Hawai’i’s medicinal cannabis program is determining if the patient is eligible. If a patient suffers from one of Hawai’i’s listed debilitating conditions, her marijuana doctor will determine if cannabis may be therapeutic for her condition. Hawai’i's medical marijuana program and its list of pre-approved ailments can be reviewed on the Department of Health’s website.

Effective Change is a well-oiled medical marijuana evaluation center and ensures their patient applications are processed in a timely and efficient manner. Their prices are reasonable, and their team is eager to lend aid to Moloka’i patients any way they can. From cultivation advice to walking patients through the registration process, Effective Change is dedicated to equipping Moloka’i patients with all they need to empower their wellness.

Local Legislation

Hawai’i’s Department of Health (DOH) administers the Medical Use of Marijuana (329) program and is responsible for maintaining the Registry of Qualified Patients as well as issuing Medical Use of Marijuana Certificates. Qualified patients registered with the 329 program are allowed to grow up to ten cannabis plants and/or possess up to four ounces of usable marijuana. Cannabis plants can be any variation of mature or immature in their growing cycle and are not considered “usable” marijuana. Cannabis patients may grow their own plants, designate a caregiver to do so, or buy their supplies in a dispensary, or any combination thereof. Check the Department of Health’s website for updates on the new laws.

Service Locations

Effective Change, LLC is the only Hawai’i medical cannabis certification center that services every island, with the exception of Lana’i. Their team travels from island to island with Hilo as their home office to provide medicinal cannabis certifications to patients throughout Hawai’i. Patients from Kepuhi Beach, Maunaloa, or Kualapuu can connect with Matthew and Dr. Lawinski for their 329 Card. Ho’olehua, Kaunakakai, and Kalaupapa patients also have the opportunity to certify for medical marijuana through Effective Change. Their staff is eager to register patients in need of medical cannabis from Ualapue, Kalawao, and Halawa Beach.

Effective Change LLC provides services at 130 Kam V Hwy, Kaunakakai, HI 96748, once every two months. See their clinic schedule at

Location Information

Located in the Central Pacific is the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i. Our office is in Kaunakakai. The Kalaupapa Peninsula has a steep path that leads to the isolated, Hansen’s Disease settlement that is transitioning to become Kalaupapa National Historical Park after the last patient passes. The towering cliffs overlooking Kalaupapa can be viewed from the Clifftop Lookout in Pala’au State Park. Phallic Rock is a natural formation that has received some enhancement over the years, and the area is an ancient Hawaiian site of fertility and love. This interestingly shaped rock rests on the summit of Nanahoa Hill, approximately 200 yards from Kalaupapa Lookout.



First-Time Patients

We are on Molokai once every two months, always on a Sunday. Please call our Hilo office at 808-934-7566 or email [email protected] to book an appointment.


Our Molokai fee is $140 for new and renew patients. This does not include the $38.50 Dept. of Health fee. We offer computer data-entry services for $31.50 if you want or need us to do your online application for you.