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PRINT OUT YOUR LETTER IMMEDIATELY UPON APPROVAL BY OUR DOCTOR! Just go online to 420recs and follow the three easy steps. STEP 1: Fill out a short questionnaire and billing information. STEP 2: Have an online consultation with our doctor. If he approves you, STEP 3: Print out your recommendation letter (which is verifiable in every dispensary in the state). YOU ARE NOT BILLED UNLESS OUR DOCTOR APPROVES YOU. A hand-signed letter will arrive in the mail a few days later. Overnight shipping is available. With 420Recs there are no more long doctor's office visits. Follow the three simple steps and get your recommendation letter at the incredibly low price of $39.99. Fast, easy, and affordable, please visit 420recs now.

About Us

Dr. Francis G. D’Ambrosio received his Doctorate at the Albany Medical College of Union University and has practiced medicine for 30 years. From 1986 and 2014, Dr. D’Ambrosio worked as an orthopedic surgeon. While that career was exciting and paid well, he found his patients were still in immense pain. A long-time supporter of medical cannabis, when the U.S. Attorney General announced the loosening of banking restrictions in the cannabis industry, D’Ambrosio decided this was the sign he needed to start advocating and seeing patients for evaluations. He founded 420recs in 2014 and has devoted his life to helping patients using medical cannabis.

D’Ambrosio strongly promotes the use medical cannabis as an easy and highly superior alternative big pharmaceutical medications, including opiates in particular. Opiate addiction can occur as quickly as five days after initial consumption, yet physicians still widely prescribe them for pain treatment. D’Ambrosio asserts that cannabis is a much safer and far less addictive alternative, ranging a huge spectrum of health applications. When he is not giving his recommendations over the phone or video chat, D’Ambrosio hosts his podcast “Elevate the Conversation”, where every week guests from authors to athletes, politicians, and personalities join him to discuss Medical Marijuana policy reform.

420recs is an online recommendation service operating seven days a week from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. 420recs specializes in pain management, drawing on Dr. D’Ambrosio’s 30 years of experience as an orthopedic spine surgeon. Consultation prices start at 39.99, one of the best deals to be found online. 420recs are available for follow-up questions during business hours, with all appointments conducted in real-time video chat with Dr. D’Ambrosio.

Servicing Areas:

Thanks to the entirely online system, 420recs serves the entirety of California state. Whether you’re based in San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara or Sacramento, or any area in between, patient are able to schedule an appointment with the Pasadena-based online office, with optional next-day delivery after a session. Patients range from Los Angeles and Orange County all the way up to Humboldt, San Jose, and Fresno. Along the Pacific coast, in the Grapevine, or the Redwoods, 420recs is here to provide you with high-quality medical expertise.



First-Time Patients

* Not billed unless approved by our doctor!

* HIPPA Compliant (between you and the doctor only) and totally secure!


* We are COMPLETELY ONLINE - No more doctor's office visits!

* Print out your recommendation letter IMMEDIATELY upon approval by our doctor!

* $39.99 - Standard Recommendation

* $59.99 - ID Card Recommendation: Top Choice!!!