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La Puente, California US 91744

Open Hours

09:30am - 08:30pm
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09:30am - 08:30pm Closed
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Brand verified
Age 21+

State License

Adult-Use Nonstorefront: C10-0000597-LIC
Medical Nonstorefront: C10-0000597-LIC


Our goal is to provide the best price.

We do not make profit on the delivered products from Calevate Wholesale Club members. We only collect the membership fee for maintain. Calevate Club Members get vendor price on everything.

We not only because we provide a very good price, but also because we rotate the menu and have more selections over the time.


Min order: $40 before taxes.

Delivery: $5 Flat

Tax: price listed does not include tax


Up to 20% off (which is the vendor price) for Calevate Club Member .

Visit CALEVATE . COM to Join.


Calevate Club Member will get the BEST CANNABIS PRICE in the area with legit products.


First Time Patient will get one time free Calevate Club Member trial for 10% off on all items. Process for next day delivery or enroll Calevate Club Membership right away to get 20% off.  


We do not have a physical storefront in any area. That is why we can offer a price that everyone loves. Feel free to contact us to check if we cover your area.


How to order with us:

* Website: WWW . CALEVATE . COM to order online (no service fee)

* Text: 626 . 696 . 6262 to order thru Text.



Cash - No process fee with cash.

Credit Card - 3% Process Fee.

Return Policy: No Refund, return, or exchange unless it's defective.


About Us

We have veteran from navy, chemist from food industry, film makers from Youtube, programmer from NASA(JK), etc, and no matter where we come from, we are authentic smokers.

We know marijuana, we love marijuana, and we are willing to share and discuss the knowledge and experience with you.

Contact 626 . 696 . 6262 or visit WWW . CALEVATE . COM for more details.


Covid guidelines

We require employees to have mask on at all time. And each employee has hand sanitizer on the desk and on the car

We disinfect public areas as well as high- touch common areas at least twice a day. We have the third-party professional cleaning company to do full- scale disinfections of all work areas and logistics areas at least once a week. 

If any employee is infected by COVID-19 or has been in close contact with an infected individual, the situation will be treated as an emergency, and that employee's work area will be properly disinfected immediately.

First-Time Customers

For First Time Patient you get one time free Calevate Club Member 10% off on all items. And if you choose next day delivery you get additional 10% off (20% off in total).

Order online at our official website and send text to redeem.


We have BEST PRICE, and we offer a special “schedule and delivery” service.

Due to the 35% lower price than others, we have an extensive amount of orders daily. 

We cover LA, Orange, and San Bernardino County. Therefore the average ETA is 0.5 - 3 hours.