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Why Don’t Cannabis Edibles Work For Me?

Why Don’t Cannabis Edibles Work For Me?

September 24, 2021

Many folks out there have zero interest in smoking or vaping cannabis. And with good reason, too.

Smoking cannabis flower has all the drawbacks of smoking cigarettes. Including making you more susceptible to developing several forms of very deadly cancer.

And sure, vaping may not be as carcinogenic as smoking. But a growing body of research indicates vaping is by no means “healthy.”

The alternative for cannabis consumers, of course, are cannabis edibles. Not that cannabis edibles are without drawbacks -- delayed effects and difficulty managing dosage are two of the most commonly reported struggles with cannabis edibles among cannabis users.

Another less notable but still frequent complaint is: “I don't feel any effects with edibles.” Now it could be that you had a “bad batch” or that certain kinds of edibles don’t have any impact on your body chemistry.

But if you’ve tried different products, including medical-grade cannabis edibles, and still no dice – There could be other factors involved…

Such as? We did some digging into the topic here at, and here’s what we found…

Digestion Difficulties Can Curtail The Impact of Cannabis

The most common reason edibles have no effect is related to gastrointestinal problems. If you suffer from intestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome, your body likely has trouble absorbing the food, water, and other substances you take in – including cannabis.

And if your body isn’t fully absorbing the cannabis edibles you’re consuming, you’re unlikely to feel the effects.

Metabolism Issues Can Negate The Effects of Cannabis

This explanation is quite a bit more technical and involves some pretty involved biochemistry. But we’ll try to break it down in layman’s terms…

A variety of enzymes work together, helping your liver break down drugs and other substances you intake.

The functions directing these enzymes are encored into your genes. In other words, a specific enzyme is genetically programmed to perform a particular task.

But genes are variable, right? Some folks have blue eyes, while others have brown. Some folks have blond hair, while others have red. And so on and so on.

The dominant and recessive genetic traits that yield these genetic variations also create variations in the function of your digestive enzymes. And in the case of digestive enzymes, these variations can increase or decrease your metabolism rate.

If your digestive enzymes greatly slow your metabolism rate, cannabis and other drugs can actually have a stronger (potentially much stronger) impact on you than the “average” person.

Conversely, if your digestive enzymes speed up your metabolism rate, your body may actually clear the cannabis from your bloodstream before you feel the effects.    

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