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What is the Cannabis Derivative HHC?

What is the Cannabis Derivative HHC?

November 19, 2021

Ready for another cannabis derivative? Well, if THC-O, Delta-8, and Delta-10 weren't enough, we've got another for you…

Meet HHC!

As with every new derivative that appears on the scene, the team is eager to find out more. So, here's what we discovered…

What is HHC All About?

Like THC-O, Delta-8, and Delta-10, HHC is another hemp by-product.

HHC is so new as a consumer product that very few retailers carry it. And it's available mainly in the form of vape carts.

Most intriguingly, at the moment, HHC is technically legal. Well, maybe.

How is HHC Made?

HHC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was originally created in 1944 by the chemist Roger Adams. He discovered the compound after adding hydrogen molecules and Delta-9 THC.

In the present day, HHC is made by extracting CBD from raw hemp, distilling it into a powder, and chemically combining that powder with hydrogen.

It's worth noting here that hydrogen is a highly volatile chemical compound that can explode if not handled with proper care. And hydrogen's explosive potential is especially dangerous when the compound is stored in large quantities.

Thus, mass-producing HHC for large-scale consumer sales is a questionable endeavor.

What Are The Effects of HHC?

Given that HHC is so new to the market and unregulated at the moment, there is no definitive word on its effects.

But the general censuses seems to be HHC delivers a weaker version of a THC high. Similar to Delta-8, but even less pronounced. 

A fact that's both good and bad. Some users report the less pronounced effects make HHC a great functional, daytime cannabis alternative. While others find themselves intaking enormous quantities without feeling any effects.

Is HHC Legal?

As with Delta-8 THC and THC-O, HHC is made from hemp. And hemp-based products are technically legal under the Farm Act, which legalized hemp-derived products in 2017.

At the same time, federal drug enforcement legislation states that laboratory-created approximations of Schedule I controlled substances are also illegal.

So, as with Delta-8 and THC-O, the question is: Does chemically tinkering with a legal substance qualify as the "laboratory creation" of an illegal drug?

But rather than debate this issue, state and federal government agencies will likely just add HHC to the Schedule I controlled substances list.

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