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What Are Today’s Top Cannabis Brands?

What Are Today’s Top Cannabis Brands?

January 29, 2021

The cannabis legalization movement is making huge strides. Product sales are surging. And overall public interest in cannabis is higher than ever (pun intended)!

The combination of these factors has resulted in a goldrush in the cannabis trade. And in turn, several brands have emerged and taken center stage in this growing industry.

Who are these companies? What are they up to? And how have they risen to the top of the cannabis trade?

The team here at has been wondering the same thing. So, we set out to create a brief over of the brands currently at the top of the heap in the cannabis trade. And here’s what we found…

Kiva Confections

Found in 2010 by Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich, Kiva confections is exclusively dedicated to producing cannabis edibles. Their product line includes cannabis gummies and chews, chocolate bars and chocolate “bites,” and mints. Over the past decade, thanks to glowing reviews and an ever-growing consumer-base, Kiva has risen to become one of the most respected cannabis edibles brands.


If we’re talking sheer numbers, Select is KILLING IT! This Oregon-based company is one of the most readily stocked cannabis brands currently available. And as a result, Select is one of the cannabis trade’s biggest sellers. Product lines include cannabis oil cartridges, fruit-flavored gummies, and both THC + CBD tincture drops.

Heavy Hitters

This California-based cannabis Co. is one of the Golden State’s most popular and reliable brands. Hanging their hat on a proprietary refining process, Heavy Hitters aims to provide consistent product quality that ensures a uniform customer experience. And these efforts have paid big dividends, establishing the brand as a top seller in several hundred dispensaries across California.


Leaning on superior R&D and carefully scrutinized quality control, Northern California-based Caliva is a cannabis consumer favorite. In addition to selling their own products, Caliva grows and processes cannabis for a dozen other popular brands. Their own product lines include cannabis flower, pre-rolled joints, vape cartridges, and edibles. Though their vapes seem to be consumer faves.


This Los Angeles, CA-based outfit got its start exclusively making cannabis oil vape cartridges. And their focus on this steadily growing segment earned the brand considerable market share in the cannabis vape realm. In the meantime, the company has branched out and now offers its LIIIT cannabis flower and BIIIT cannabis edible lines.

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