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What Are The Different Types of Cannabis Vape Pens?

What Are The Different Types of Cannabis Vape Pens?

June 25, 2021

Few innovations have made a bigger impact on the cannabis culture and industry than vape pens.

Short for “vaporizer,” cannabis vape pens are an offshoot of e-cigarettes (or electric cigarettes) first introduced to the public in 2003.

In the two decades since this revolutionary invention, vapes have seen a dramatic evolution. To the point where the initial models are mere toys in comparison to current-day vape models.

What are the different types of vapes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the various models? And which option is best for you?

The team has the same exact questions! So, we decided to dive into the wonderful world of vape pens…

Disposable Vape Pens

Convenient and easy to use, disposable vape pens come with pre-charged batteries and are fully loaded with cannabis oil. Truly hassle-free, highly portable, and immediately ready for action – disposable vapes are a great option for casual vape users.

There are, however, two main drawbacks:

Low cannabis oil content – Most disposables are loaded with under half a gram of cannabis oil, which doesn’t last long. Especially if you’re *sharing* in a social setting.

Shorter battery life – The batteries in disposables are “one and done,” so to speak. And there’s no way to extract leftover cannabis oil after the battery dies. So any unused oil list is lost.

Vape Pen With Rechargeable Batteries

If you’re more than a casual vaper, then vape pens with rechargeable batteries are a much better option.

Rechargeable vape pens are basically just a rechargeable battery and heating coil. Most vape pens and cartridges are universal, so you can pair any number of cannabis oil cartridges with rechargeable vape pens. Just screw the threaded cartridge on the vape, and you’re ready to roll!

All of this said, there are a couple of drawbacks:

New vapes sometimes need charging – This isn’t across the board, but many rechargeable vapes don’t come pre-charged. That means you need to plug in your new vape and charge it (in some cases for up to an hour) before toking up.

Limited battery life – Similar to disposable vapes, especially the smaller, more discrete cigarette-like models, rechargeable vapes have shorter battery life. And when they run out of juice, you’re out of commission until they can be recharged.

High failure rate – This isn’t always the case, but rechargeable vape pens, in general, seem to have a high failure rate. Many users report rechargeable vapes only last a month or two at most. This is related in part to poor maintenance. Cannabis oil can seep into and destroy the heating coil and battery, rendering the vape useless. And while disconnecting the cartridge and cleaning the vape’s connection point immediately after each use can prolong its lifespan, many cigarette-style vapes are basically disposable.

Vape Mod Boxes

So, let’s say cannabis vaping is REALLY your thing. The next step in upping your vaping game is a fun gadget called a vape mod box.

“Mod” in a vape box mod is short for “modification” and refers to “modifying” the traditional vape pen. And “box” signifies the vape’s box-shaped body style.

Box mods are larger than typical vape pens. They include a rechargeable battery pack that can (and should, every 6-12 months) be replaced. And feature an internal, refillable cannabis oil reservoir.

Additionally, box mods include voltage, and sometimes, temperature controls. This allows you to regulate the cannabis oil’s boiling rate, which varies depending on the particular oil.

In terms of drawbacks, box mods have a few:

Inconvenient – Big, and, as the name implies, boxy, box mods are nowhere near as convenient or discrete as cigarette-like vapes.

Costly – Even “cheap” box mods start at $50. And if you want a quality machine that functions well and doesn’t immediately crap out, you’re likely to pay $100 or more. Additionally, box mod rechargeable batteries should be replaced every 6-12 months, start at $15, and reliable, long-lasting replacements can cost as much as $50.

Maintenance – Box mods require a certain amount of upkeep to ensure peak function and longevity. They should be cleaned regularly, so the cannabis oil doesn’t damage the heating coil or battery. And this attention is even more important considering the high replacement cost.

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