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Top Fruit Flavored Cannabis Strains

Top Fruit Flavored Cannabis Strains

January 22, 2021

One of the best by-products of the burgeoning cannabis trade? The considerable time and effort poured into research and development. Because truth be told, the fabulously creative and incredibly bright minds powering cannabis-related R&D have made many genuinely extraordinary strides.

Advancements in vape technology along with improvements upon water pipe and bong designs have significantly reduced the health-related risks associated with cannabis use. And research into technological developments to make safer and more user-friendly marches on.

The science at work behind the cannabis industry is also delving deeply into plant research. Endless crossbreeding has enabled researchers to develop new strains with significant therapeutic potential. In addition to being an invaluable pain management tool, custom bread cannabis strains have proved effective in treating anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. And according to a growing body of research, several cannabis strains are also making a positive impact in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Of course, cannabis R&D has also yielded innovations that are fun a frivolous, too. Chief among the more light-hearted developments is the growing number of fruit-flavored cannabis crossbreeds.

These often sweet-tasting treats are becoming more inventive and exotic by the day. And the popularity of fruit-flavored strains among cannabis users is SURGING.

So, to enlighten you on this rising trend, the team has put together a list of the top fruit-flavored cannabis strains. Let’s dive in…

Strawberry Cough

Usually, it’s: “puff-puff-give.” But Strawberry Cough, it’s more like: “puff-cough-cough-give!” In other words, this powerfully potent and highly popular strain, known for isn’t aromatic strawberry scented smoke, will have even veteran cannabis users coughing up a storm.


A former High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup winner (taking the brass ring in the year 2000 for Best Indica), this legendary strain has been a fan favored since it was first introduced in the late ‘70s. Known for its sweet rush of fresh blueberries, this strain’s strong euphoric effects make it a popular choice for deeeeeeep relaxation.

Cherry Pie

A well-known and long-loved Indica dominant hybrid, Cherry Pie is famed for it’s sweet ‘n sour cherry pie scented smoke. And in addition to its tart and tasty flavor, Cherry Pie’s effects are reported to come on fast and hang in for several hours, putting you in a very cheery and upbeat mood.

Orange Bud

The effects of this Sativa heavy hybrid are even more powerful than its pungent orange and nectarine aromas. As such, new and novice cannabis users are advised to take care when imbibing in Orange Bud –  its high THC content pack serious a wallop! But for those who indulge, this tasty strain is reported to deliver a blast of euphoria, along with a surge of creativity.

Pineapple Haze

Crossing two highly popular tropical strains – Pineapple + Haze (Meanwhile, the resulting strain is aptly named, huh?) – this potent Sativa is celebrated for both its aromatic pineapple scent and its surging cerebral boost. Definitely recognized for its considerable “head high,” Pineapple Haze is reported to be great for daytime use, as it keeps your mind active and your energy level primed.

Not Into Fruity Flavored Cannabis?

No worries! We realize such lightweight fare isn’t for everyone ;---) Fortunately, at, we’ve profiled a broad variety of cannabis strains. Here’s an overview of articles on other strains that might be more to your taste…

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