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Top Five Cannabis Brands

Top Five Cannabis Brands

October 02, 2020

Top Five Cannabis Brands

Cannabis's popularity is SURGING. And interest in top brands and trendy products is soaring!

But when it comes to cannabis, not many folks are in the know… What are the top-selling brands? What strains are in demand? And what the popular accessories?

If you can’t answer these questions, you’re not alone. Many consumers are woefully uninformed on the cannabis market.

To offer a bit more insight into the cannabis landscape, here’s a quick rundown of five highly popular cannabis brands…


Based in the Los Angeles, CA area, Stiiizy is the most heavily stocked cannabis product currently on the market.

Focused cannabis oil concentrates and branded vaporizers, Stiiizy is a serious mover-and-shaker -- offering over 25,000 products for sale in four states and Canada.


Recognized as the #1 selling luxury flower brand, Canndescent has successfully carved out a niche as an upscale cannabis brand. Placing strong emphasis on beautifully designed packaging, the brand is seeking to attract a more discerning class of cannabis consumers.

In addition to flower products, Canndescent also offers cannabis oil concentrates and branded vaporizers.

Heavy Hitters

Another Los Angeles, CA-based provider, Heavy Hitters is well known for offering a variety of distinct flavors – spanning several dozen cannabis strains. Heavy Hitters is also distinguished by its unique cold filtration distillation process, which produces highly potent cannabis oil.

Current product offerings include cannabis oil cartridges, PAX Pods, and branded vaporizers.


A top-seller in three states, Select is another well-stocked and easy to find cannabis brand. With a clean and clear design approach, Select appealing presents its products in a manner similar to high-end pharmaceuticals and beauty brands.

Product offerings include cannabis oil, branded vaporizers, and a limited line of edibles.

Kiva Confections

In business since 2010 (which equates to forever in the burgeoning cannabis game), Kiva specializes in tasty chocolate and candy-based cannabis edibles. Another brand that focuses special attention on a refined design aesthetic, Kiva products are elegantly presented in uniquely fashioned packaging.

Product offerings include flavor chocolate bars, gummies, mints, and their signature item, Terra Bites.

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