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Top Celebrities Who LOVE Cannabis

Top Celebrities Who LOVE Cannabis

June 29, 2021

Ever seen that People Magazine feature: “Celebrities… They’re Just Like Us!”

It’s usually a 2-page spread with captioned pix of famous folks doing everyday, mundane things… Shopping at the farmers market, getting coffee at a café, walking their dogs – you get the idea.

Well, in addition to all the boring stuff “celebrities” do just like everyone else, guess what else they do?



No, REALLY. Plenty of A-list celebrities openly admit to partaking in cannabis. And many confess to being frequent users.

So, who are these mega media stars? We were wondering the same thing at And while the list is pretty long, a few notable names really jump out at us…

Jennifer Aniston

She’s a top-grossing movie star. She was Rachel on beloved TV sitcom, Friends. She was almost Mrs. Brad Pitt. And she smokes weed.

In a 2001 Rolling Stone Magazine interview, Jen claimed to be no kind of “pothead,” but admitted, "I enjoy it [cannabis]… once in a while." Once and a while… Sure *wink-wink nudge-nudge*

Miley Cyrus

A pop music star and all-around “wild child,” Miley appears to reference cocaine and ecstasy in her monster hit single, We Can’t Stop.

She has since backed off her overt drug persona, but Ms. Cyrus once publicly extolled cannabis as "the most magical, amazing thing" during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sounds like a ringing endorsement to us.

Morgan Freeman

A vocal advocate for cannabis legalization, Freeman, swears by cannabis for his chronic fibromyalgia pain.

But while Freeman’s current cannabis use might be more *medically* motivated, he admits having gotten into cannabis “many years ago.”


A singing sensation with more hit singles than you can count, pop star Rihanna was outed by her buddy, hip hop phenom, A$AP Rocky.

Rocky said in a Rolling Stone Magazine interview: "Rihanna is a pothead, and so am I, so we're real cool." Rihanna never publicly affirmed Rocky’s in Rolling Stone. But nor did she deny it, either.

Mathew McConaughey

Is it just us, or does Hollywood heartthrob Mathew McConaughey seem like the penultimate stoner? He did, after all, co-star in Dazed and Confused, one of the most cannabis-fueled movies of all time.

Mr. McConaughey was also once arrested for being “very intoxicated” at his home, which police later reported was “full of marijuana.” McConaughey is now aspiring to become governor of Texas, and perhaps will one day he’ll legalize cannabis in Longhorn State?

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