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Top 5 Cannabis Growers in the United States

Top 5 Cannabis Growers in the United States

October 23, 2020

Top 5 Cannabis Growers in the United States


Thanks to the growing number of states legalizing both medical and recreation cannabis, product demand is surging!

But to fulfill this demand, someone has to grow all the cannabis. This points to an important, but oft-overlooked aspect of the cannabis trade: Cannabis Growers.

Who are these folks? How do they operate? And who are the biggest players in the cannabis grower trade?

As you can no doubt imagine…

Cannabis growth operations are heavily regulated. Just like every other aspect of the cannabis trade. It’s also saddled with just as many sales taxes and licensing fees, too.

All of which favors larger, more well-capitalized operators. Because, of course, it takes a good deal of money to not only launch a grow operation but to also cover the numerous licensing fees and pay the considerable taxes levied on all cannabis businesses.

And as the cannabis trade continues to explode, this trend toward big-business involvement in the sale, distribution, growth cultivation of cannabis is bound to increase.

With these facts in mind, here’s a brief overview of the top five biggest cannabis growers in the United States as of 2020…

1. Ultra Health

Based in New Mexico, Ultra Health is currently cultivating 9,213,000 square feet. This puts Ultra Health leaps and bounds ahead of its nearest competitor – exceeding its closest competitor by nearly 7,000,000 square feet – making it by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar the largest grower in the US. Ultra Health’s crops are cultivated at outdoor, greenhouse, and warehouses growth sites.

2. Palos Verde Center

California was the first state to legalize medical cannabis, but Cali’s biggest growth operation clocks in at a distant second to Ultra Health. Based in Blythe, CA Palos Verde Center currently cultivates 2,400,000 square feet. Palos Verde Center’s crops are all indoor grown, as their operation is strictly warehouse-based.

3. Copperhead Farms

The third-ranked growers is the Snowflake, AZ-based Copperhead Farms, which currently cultivates 1,700,000 square feet. Though “Farms” is a part of their business name, Copperhead’s crops are exclusively greenhouse-grown.

4. Los Suenos Farms/Medicine Man Technologies

Though Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis, their biggest grower, Los Suenos Farms, comes in at 4th place, currently cultivating 1,428,000 square feet. Los Suenos Farms cultivates its crops at both outdoor and greenhouse grow sites.

5. Canna Hub

Rounding out the top 5 is California’s Canna Hub, which currently cultivates 1,200,000 square feet. Unique among other growers on the list, Canna Hub’s operation is decentralized, with greenhouse and warehouse growth sites spread throughout California.


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