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The WORST Cannabis Strains

The WORST Cannabis Strains

November 05, 2021

For better or worse, cannabis is a lot like other consumer goods. Meaning marketing plays a HUGE role in sales and distribution.

Even if you’re a casual cannabis user, you’ve no doubt seen particular strains and various cannabis products HEAVILY promoted.

But how often have these products actually lived up to their hype? Sadly, far more wind up being egregious flops than resounding successes.

In fact, several seemingly popular cannabis strains – at least according to their marketing buildup and media portrayal – are totally despised by cannabis users.

What are some of these over-blown strains, and why are they so bad? To help you avoid so-called “dud buds,” the crew here at has assembled a shortlist of the worst cannabis strains…

Blue Widow

Despite being breed bred from two awarding, user favorites – White Widow + Blueberry – Blue Widow is hugely underwhelming.

It tastes fine, with pleasing citrus and blueberry flavors. And it goes down easily. By no means a harsh bud for flower smokers.

Unfortunately, it falls short in the effects department… Where’s the high? The strain reportedly averages between 12% and 17% THC, yet the “high” is basically non-existent.

Leaving most users to proclaim… Next, please!

Acapulco Gold

Speaking in terms of “cannabis lore,” Acapulco Gold is supposedly a classic cannabis strain. But not all oldies are necessarily goodies. And that’s the case with this well-known and overly hyped strain.

Popular with the “Boomer” set since Woodstock, hippies, and “Peace and Love” were a thing, this strain tends to produce an overwhelming “head high.” 

An unfortunate attribute that’s resulted in countless terrifying anxiety attacks and led many cannabis dabblers to swear off future experiments completely.

Cat Piss

First of all, what yahoo named this? Because if this review were ranking cannabis strains with the worst names of all time, this crass moniker selection would top the list.

But the name aside, the lazy, wish-washy head high this Sativa delivers is totally ho-hum. A fact likely due to its low(ish) 11% average THC content.

To make matters worse, the strain’s ammonia-flavored overtones have led more than a few users to wonder… “Was this weed actually soaked in cat piss!?”


If Cat Piss tops the list of worst cannabis strain names, MILF is a VERY close second. Because c’mon, are we talkin’ weed or porn here? Sheesh!

A Sativa dominant hybrid, MILF is a cross between White Widow and Trainwreck. And it’s reported to induce an overwhelming head high that can leave you feeling manic and unhinged.

Violator Kush

Bosting a cross between Malana and Hindu Kush, Violator Kush is a heavy-handed pure Indica strain reported to “really drops the hammer.”

In other words, don’t expect to drift off to sleepy time wistfully. And instead, get ready for an all-over body that drills you into the couch for the next 8 hours.

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