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The Best Pre-Rolled Cannabis Joints

The Best Pre-Rolled Cannabis Joints

April 30, 2021

If you’re a cannabis consumer, you’re apt to smoke cannabis flower. And if you’re smoking cannabis flower, you’re likely to smoke it in a joint.

That’s what the research says anyway. In study after study of consistent cannabis users, respondents overwhelmingly report preferring to smoke cannabis flower. And among those same respondents, joints consistently rank as their favorite delivery method.

All of this said, however, rolling a joint is the most challenging and labor-intensive means to consume cannabis. Because, as most cannabis connoisseurs will tell you, there’s a legit art to rolling a quality. An art that few master. Which means a lot of folks out there are puffing on totally botched joints.

So, how do you overcome this joint rolling skill deficit?

Easy. Buy pre-rolled joints.

Now you’re probably wondering, are pre-rolled joints more expensive? Of course, they are. Because you ALWAYS pay more for convenience.

You’re probably also wondering if the quality of pre-rolled joints compares to loose cannabis flower? The answer here is, as, with most consumer products, it all depends on what you buy and who you buy it from.

So, if you value convenience and are willing to buy from reputable brands, there is a LOT to be said for pre-rolled joints. And to point you in the right direction, the team has assembled a list of our top five favorite pre-rolled joints:


Billed as a “from seed to sale” grower, LoudPack has been an active player in the California cannabis scene for nearly two decades. And their GMO Cookies Pre-Roll is one of the most popular pre-rolled cannabis products on the market today.


Masters of the “Classic Blunt” (in fact, that’s the name of their top-selling pre-roll), Packwoods takes blunt-making to the next level. Sheathed in a “tobacco-free” wrap and tipped with a glass filter, Packwoods’ Classic Blunt is also infused with concentrated and cannabis extract and dusted with kief, the resin glands found at the heart of cannabis flower.

Lowell Farms

One of California’s most popular cannabis companies, Lowell Farms earned its sterling reputation thanks to their pre-roll 8-pack. Using only high-quality buds, no seedy shake or scrubby trim, Lowell’s pre-rolls come in classically styled packaging that harkens back to famous ‘50’s era cigarettes brands.

Stone Road

Based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Stone Road practices small-batch, sustainable, organic farming that’s committed to cultivating the best cannabis flower nature can produce. And these considerable efforts are apparent in Stone’s highly popular, hash-infused 5-pack. A top choice among discerning cannabis consumers.


A renowned Northern California grower, Caliva’s crops are “shaman-blessed,” a cultivation method that produces their industry-leading cannabis flower. And that top quality bud goes into their Toasties 5-pack, one of the bestselling pre-roll multipacks available today.

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