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Most Popular Delta-8 THC Products

Most Popular Delta-8 THC Products

July 27, 2021

For the time being, cannabis products infused with the Delta-8 THC variant remain wholly legal. If you’re still in the dark on this subject…

Delta-8 (short for delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) bears a remarkably similar molecular structure to Delta-9 (short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the intoxicating compound in THC that produces mind-alternative effects.

Remarkably similar. But not the same. And this means two things…

First, the effects of Delta-8 are weaker and less pronounced than Delta-9 based THC. Weaker, but still capable of “getting you high.”

And secondly, until further notice, it’s legal to possess and sell Delta-8 based products. For how much longer? Tough to say exactly. And, unsurprisingly, more conservative states are already stridently pursuing legislation that will outlaw Delta-8 THC.

In the meantime, Delta-8 is a boon to cannabis consumers in states where even medical cannabis remains illegal. But this gray area legal status means a flood of Delta-8 products are pouring into the market. And who can say which of these products are actually any good?

We were wondering the same thing at, so we pulled together a list of the most popular Delta-8 products currently available…

Area 52 Delta-8 Gummies

Among the most potent Delta-8 gummies available, Area 52 gummies come 30 pieces to a pack, with 25mg per gummy. They’re also low in sugar, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free – for the health-conscious, calory counting focus out there. Founded by a biochemist, Area 52’s primary focus is creating high-quality products the ensure customer satisfaction.

Blue Plant Delta-8 Chocolate Bars

Brimming over with 72% dark chocolate, Blue Planet’s Delta-8 cholate bars are a scrumptious bite of heaven. Because not only are these choice chocolates delectable, but each bar contains a whopping 500mg of THC!

Arete Limitless Delta-8 Tincture

Convenient and discrete, you’ll get an ideal cannabis dose with just a few drops of Arete’s Limitless Delta-8 tincture (placed on your tongue or mixed into your favorite beverage). The tincture is infused with a mild strawberry flavor. And each vile packs a potent punch, with 500mg of THC per 30ml container.

Snapdragon Hemp Extra Strength Delta-8 Brownies

This yummy, medicated treat is the perfect combination of chocolatey sweet indulgence and THC-infused bliss. Bundled with three deliciously delectable brownies per package, each tasty treat contains 250mg of THC.

Finestlabs Delta-8 Vape Cartridges

If vaping is more your thing, Finestlabs cannabis company makes one highest consumer-rated Delta-8 vape carts on the market. Each “strawberry cough” flavored 1ml cartridge contains 900mg of THC.

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