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LGBTQ-owed Cannabis Companies Honor Pride Month

LGBTQ-owed Cannabis Companies Honor Pride Month

June 18, 2021

It’s Pride month here in the United States! And it turns out, cannabis and the LBGTQ community have a STRONG connection.

How so?

We can ALL agree the success of medical cannabis is driving the current push toward nationwide legalization, right? Yup!

Well, guess how the medical cannabis movement got started? It kicked off in earnest when activists began lobbying to provide medical cannabis to terminally ill patients amid the raging HIV/AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s and ‘90s. This movement ultimately led to the first medical cannabis law, passed in California in 1996.

In the two-plus decades since the passage of this landmark legislation, attitudes about and laws governing cannabis has changed significantly. In parallel, attitudes about and laws governing LBGTQ rights have also evolved to an extent many only dreamed possible.

These two worlds have aptly collided in the growing number of LBGTQ-owned cannabis companies. And in honor of Pride Month, highlights several of these businesses for the amazing work they’re doing!

Stone Road

Launched in 2016 by current CEO Lex Corwin, Stone Road sells various cannabis flower and concentrate products. Their most popular items include hash-infused joints hand-rolled with French paper and loose, pre-ground cannabis flower pouches.

Specifically, to honor Pride month, Stone Road is donating 10% of their June profits to LBGTQ Freedom Fund, which helps pay bail for jailed LBGTQ community members.


Already making a big splash (no pun intended) was one of the first cannabis-infused “hard seltzer” beverages, Cann also touts Gwyneth Paltrow as a celebrity endorser and co-investor. These refreshing, low-cal fruit and herb flavored drinks are dubbed a “social tonic” because their low cannabis concentration makes them perfect for “losing up” in social settings.

Does anyone want to share a couple of cans of Cann at the Pride party?

Altered Plates

Where cannabis and hospitality meet! Altered Plates helps organize catered events that feature a cannabis-infused menu. You can bet navigating legal compliance for such occasions is challenging, and it’s Altered Plates’ specialty!

Laganja Estranja

Under the stage name Laganja Estranja, drag queen choreographer and musical artist Jay Jackson hit the big time with appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race and So You Think You Can Dance. Jay also happens to be a HUGE cannabis advocate. And leveraged his titanic success to cultivate ongoing partnerships with top-tier cannabis companies, including the Hepburns and Fruit Slabs.  


This unique cannabis company first grabbed grabbing attention and market with their distinctive and whimsically designed vape pens. And their latest creation, Space Crystals, continues to turn heads. A candied cannabis edible, Space Crystals are best described as an “adult version of pop rocks.” This offbeat confection is available in several fruity flavors, including Peach Passion, Stoned Fruit, Pineapple Party, and, in honor of Pride Month, a strawberry Champagne concoction dubbed Cheers Queer.

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