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Las Vegas, Nevada’s Planet 13 – The World’s Largest Cannabis Dispensary!

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Planet 13 – The World’s Largest Cannabis Dispensary!

February 09, 2021

When you hear the expression “cannabis dispensary,” your mind probably conjures an image of… A non-descript retail storefront crowded with generic display cases and a bunch of scruffy guys hawking their “green” wares.

Things, however, are changing. Most states in the US have legalized cannabis (at least in some form). And legalization at the federal level is looking more likely every day.

As a result, the cannabis trade is growing at an astonishing clip. At the same time, it’s also becoming increasingly legitimatized.

This means… Less of the rundown retail storefront scene. And more upscale retail establishments with a clean, modern look and feel akin to an Apple Store.

Which brings us to Las Vegas, Nevada’s Planet 13 – The world’s largest cannabis dispensary!

What does such an amazing retail destination offer visitors, why is it located in Las Vegas? The crew here at was wondering the same thing. And after a little investigation, here’s what we found…

The Palace That Pot Built

Situated just off the famed Vegas Strip, on Desert Inn Drive – Planet 13 boasts a palatial 112,000+ SQFT complex that includes…


Purc Coffee – A bar + coffee shop.

Trece Eatery – A café open for dining from breakfast until late night, serving Mexican fare and pizza, along with host a full bar and over 20 craft-brewed beers on tap.


Entertainment attractions spread in and around the site, including a half dozen interactive displays:

  • Giant Interactive Lotus Flowers
  • Planet Water Feature
  • Aerial Orb Show
  • LED Interactive Floor
  • 3D Projection Visual Experience
  • Interactive Laser Art
  • The Museum of Weed

Cannabis Processing + Retail Sales

In addition to a sizable cannabis processing plant, Planet 13 hosts a series of cannabis retail outlets focusing on different brands, strains, and other cannabis-related products.

Why is the World’s Largest Dispensary Located in Las Vegas?

There are a couple of contributing factors here.

To begin with, Nevada’s cannabis legalization timeline plays a role. Nevada voters approved a ballot measure legalizing medical cannabis in the year 2000. As a result of this legislation, Nevada was among the first handful of states to approve the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

This prompted Planet 13’s initial launch. And when Nevada voters approved a ballot measure legalizing recreational cannabis in 2016, Planet 13 expanded its operations and footprint. Which yielded the current, gargantuan, dispensary complex.

And secondly, Las Vegas is American’s #1 destination location! Once upon a time, casino gambling was the major Vegas draw. Vegas casinos, however, have evolved and now aspire to more of a family-friendly, resort-like destination.

Of course, gambling is still an option for adults. But with a plethora of sprawling, plush luxury hotels (replete with all the amenities), first-class shopping, and a variety of entertainment venues – modern Vegas has something from everyone.

So, why wouldn’t the world’s first destination cannabis dispensary be opened in Las Vegas? And why wouldn’t be huuuuuuuuuuuuge?

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