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How to Save Money On Cannabis

How to Save Money On Cannabis

August 31, 2021

Cannabis legalization (in states where it’s passed) offers a lot of benefits to cannabis consumers!

Of course, cannabis is far more accessible. It’s as easy as strolling to your local dispensary and picking a few grams of your favorite strain.

You also know what you’re getting. Gone are the days of relying on a stoned out of his mind pot dealer’s promise that “this is some good sh*t.”

And the innovation the open marketplace has spawned, yielding countless new products, is nothing short of a revelation.

But on the downside… Cannabis prices have skyrocketed!

Major corporations, notoriously profit-hungry beasts, are heavily invested in driving up cannabis prices. And to make matters worse, state and local excise taxes add anywhere from 20% to 40% to the final price.

All of which is a HUGE bummer for cannabis consumers. Because easy access to cannabis doesn’t matter if you can’t afford it, right!?

To help folks looking cannabis costs down, the team put together a cannabis buyer’s guide to saving money…

Keep a Sharp Eye Peeled For Dispensary Deals

Most dispensaries offer a variety of discount promotions, including

  • Weekly happy hour specials
  • Limited-time discounts on certain products
  • New product discounts
  • New customer deals
  • And many dispensaries offer customer loyalty programs (an incentive to shop at your local dispensary)

Suffice it to say, there's ALWAYS some kind of deal available.

Stock Up When Your Preferred Products Go on Sale

If one of your favorite products or strains goes on sale, make a bulk purchase. And you’ll eventually consume it, so the investment makes sense. It drives the per-unit price down, which saves you money in the long run. Plus, you don’t have to worry about running to the dispensary to replenish your stash every other day.

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Now, admittedly, this is a more complicated gambit. It requires an upfront investment, a definite learning curve is involved, and the process demands a fair amount of work. But if you can get the hang of growing your own cannabis, you’ll realize HUGE savings.

Control Your Consumption

All things in moderation, right? And in the case of cannabis, lowering your consumption helps keep your costs down.

Consistent consumption can also cause you to build up a tolerance. Which, of course, requires a larger intake to produce the same effects.

Taking occasion breaks – a week or two off every couple of months – knocks down your tolerance and helps reset your consumption to a baseline level.

Change Your Method of Consumption

One way to limit your consumption is by changing how you partake. Joints, even sliver-thin pinners, use about half a gram of cannabis. If you’re smoking two or three of those over the course of a day, you’re burning through an 8th of an ounce. And that adds up quickly!

Switching to pipes and one-hitters will significantly scale back your consumption. And guess what, today’s cannabis is so incredibly potent that you’ll feel the full effects with just a couple of hits from a pipe or one-hitter. No joint required.

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