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How to Grow Your Own Cannabis

How to Grow Your Own Cannabis

February 26, 2021

In cannabis’s more lawless days, you only had two options to acquire product. Buy it on the black market from some sketchy pot dealer. Or grow your own supply.

In either case, you risked landing in legal hot water.

But as cannabis legalization continues to surge ahead, things have changed. Now, in quite a few states across the US, you can legally buy cannabis from a local dispensary.

However, legal cannabis is often more expensive than the black market weed you used to buy from that sketchy pot dealer. (In some cases, a LOT more expensive.)

This brings us back to growing your own supply. And now, thanks to shifting laws, you don’t have to live in mortal fear of getting caught with a cannabis grow rig in your home.

All of this said, growing cannabis isn’t as simple as you might imagine. Even if you’re only looking to cultivate a few plants for personal use, it can be a bit complicated.

To shed some light on the process, the team here at put together the following how to grow your own cannabis tutorial.

**Just a few quick notes before we get started. This tutorial assumes a couple of factors:

  • First, that you’re just growing a couple of cannabis plants for personal use.
  • Secondly, that you’ll be growing the cannabis in your house or apartment.
  • And finally, that you’ll be growing your cannabis in potting soil (rather than using a hydroponic grow rig, which can be a difficult and pricey undertaking).

With these disclaimers out of the way, let’s dive in!

Decide What Kind of Cannabis You Want to Grow

There are endless cannabis strains out the. When it comes to choosing your preferred strain, the sky is truly the limit.

This said, there are two main selection criteria you should keep in mind…

First, what kind of cannabis you want to consume – Indica, Sativa, a hybrid, or a mix of these options?

And second, how difficult will it be to grow a particular strain? It goes without saying that some strains are easy to grow than others. And considering this is just to save a few bucks, it behooves you to pick a strain that’s easy to grow.

A couple of strains that recognize for easy cultivation include Blue Dream (hybrid), Green Crack (Sativa), GG4 (hybrid), Dutch Treat (hybrid), and Cinex (Sativa).

Once you pick your preferred strain(s), the next step is purchasing seeds. Some local dispensaries sell seeds. There are also a variety of reputable online sellers. A quick Google search should reveal several legit options.

Pick a Place to Grow Your Cannabis

The space doesn’t need to be anything fancy. It could be a closet, corner of a spare, unfinished basement, or even just a big cabinet.

The only consideration to keep in mind is the space needs to accommodate your plant(s) and grow equipment.

Buy Cannabis Grow Lights

Most crops grow outdoors and have the benefit of daily sunlight. Your indoor-grown cannabis, however, needs artificial light to survive and thrive.

And considering light is a hugely important factor in growing healthy cannabis plants that yields plenty of good buds, it’s wise to invest in quality lighting.

Options include…

  • HID grow lights
  • Fluorescent grow lights
  • LED grow lights
  • And induction grow lights.

Each lighting setup has its own advantages and drawbacks. But for a novice grower with limited space and a small budget, florescent grow lights and LED grow lights are your best options.

LED lights are a bit more expensive and usually tougher to find. But they tend to yield larger, better quality crops.

Select a Container For Your Cannabis Plant

Similar to many potted plants, cannabis is sensitive to over-watering. So, proper drainage is critical.

You can buy “smart pots” that ensure effective drainage and increase airflow to a plant’s roots, which improves overall growth.

But a simple house plant-type pot works just fine. Your main consideration is selecting a pot that’s large enough to accommodate your plant.

Also, if you’re looking to repurpose another container, be sure to create drainage holes in the bottom and place the container in a drainage tray.

Fertilize Your Cannabis Plant

Just like any crop, your cannabis plant(s) will grow faster and yield better quality buds when properly fertilized.

Actually, cannabis requires more nutrients than many crops to thrive. Key nutrients include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Additional nutrients that will help your plant grow include calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper.

You can accomplish proper fertilization in two ways. Either buy pre-fertilized soil, taking care to make sure it includes the necessary nutrients. Or feed your plant(s) a fertilizer solution with the necessary nutrients at least once a week.

Water Your Cannabis Plant

The frequency and amount of water you give your cannabis plant depends on its size. A cannabis plant in an average-sized house plant pot probably doesn’t need to be watered more than once a week. And no more than ½ a cup of water in each watering.

Of equal concern, however, is the type of water you’re using. City water is often treated with chlorine and other chemicals that deplete key soil nutrients. Additionally, well water often has high mineral content that can build up on your plant(s) roots and cause a variety of growth problems.

As such, it’s best to water your cannabis plant(s) with filtered water.

A Few Additional Notes to Keep in Mind…

Airflow is a key concern. Especially if you’re growing a closet, cabinet, or similar confined space, you should consider training a fan on your plant(s) to ensure continuous airflow.

Climate is another important issue. It’s best to keep your plant(s) warm but not hot. So, you may want to invest in a space heater if you’re growing your plant(s) in a cool area of your house or apartment.

Your grow lights should be on a timer. During your plant's initial growth phase, the lights should be on 18 hours a day. When buds begin to bloom, the lights should be on 12 hours a day.

So be patient. Both with your cannabis plant(s) and yourself!

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