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Cannabis Edibles THC Dosage Guide

Cannabis Edibles THC Dosage Guide

April 08, 2022

Cannabis edibles really are an incredible treat! And not just because they’re often baked into tasty treats or infused into tangy gummies and decadent chocolates.

They’re also a healthy alternative to smoking cannabis flower and vaping cannabis concentrate. With cannabis edibles, you avoid the harsh intake that can scorch your lungs and throat when smoking cannabis flower. And you evade sucking a plethora of unknown chemical by-products, whose long-term effects are still unknown, when vaping cannabis concentrate.

The effects of edibles are also much longer-lasting. When smoking or vaping cannabis, the tangible effects begin to dissipate within 30 minutes. While edibles usually peak in 1-2 hours after consumption. And the effects of edibles can last for 3-6 hours, and sometimes longer, depending on the dosage.

All of this said, edibles do have their drawbacks. While you feel the effects of smoking and vaping almost instantly, edibles typically take about an hour to activate.

And if you don’t know what you’re doing, measuring your dosage can be tricky. Whether it’s happened to you personally or heard from others, we’re all familiar with stories like… “I ate a pot brownie and totally wigged out for days!”

Managing edibles intake is actually a question we get here all the time at So common that we created a handy guide to measuring your edibles dosage.

Edibles Dosage Guide

The wisest advice, especially if you’re new to edibles, is to start with a low dosage, take your time, and be patient.

Because of edibles’ slow activation, it can be tempting to start popping gummies or chocolate squares like their candy (which they are, but not the kind you want to overindulge in). Meanwhile, overdoing it with cannabis edibles can have unpleasant effects.

The best way to judge your intake is to track the amount of THC per dose.

First Timers and Microdosers – 1-2.5 mg

You’ll feel the effects but won’t be overwhelmed.

Recreational Consumers Who Tried Edibles Before – 5 mg

Stronger effects that may impair your coordination and alter perceptions.

More Experienced Users – 10 mg

More pronounced effects that are very likely to impair your coordination and alter your perceptions.

High Tolerance Users – 20 mg

Undeniably strong effects that are apt to impair coordination and alter perceptions for all but the most seasoned, high tolerance uses.

Experienced, High Tolerance Users – 50-100 mg

At this point, most users veer into “wigging out and high for two days” territory. Serious impairment and significantly altered perceptions are almost guaranteed.

Ultimately, finding the dose that works best for you requires personal experimentation. And obviously, your dosage will change over time. The more cannabis you consume, the higher your tolerance becomes.

Have Your Cannabis Edibles Delivered!

If you’re interested in experimenting with edibles, consider having them delivered to your front door using a cannabis delivery service.

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