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Black Friday’s Nearly Here! Looking for Deals on Cannabis Products?

Black Friday’s Nearly Here! Looking for Deals on Cannabis Products?

November 25, 2020

The Holiday Season is OFFICIALLY upon us! Which means… Holiday Deals! Big sales, deep discounts, and special offers abound on Black Friday – Famously celebrated as the second biggest shopping day of the year.

Unfortunately, because cannabis legality varies from state-to-state, and sometimes even city-to-city, Black Friday deals on cannabis aren’t as common.

But there are some great value buys out there – if you know where to look! And toward that end, here’s a quick rundown of five cannabis savings suggestions…

Cannabis Coupons Online

Believe it out not, there are TONS of great cannabis coupons available online. The best place to start is with a quick Google search for dispensaries and recreation cannabis retailers in your area.

Most offer limited-time coupons, and promotional discounts on “special days,” in addition to seasonal and “Happy Hour” discount offers. And many local retailers have their own apps that will notify you of new coupons and other special offers.

Buy in Bulk

You know how buying 100 rolls of toilet paper from Costco cuts the per-roll price in half? Well, the same goes for Cannabis!

So rather than purchasing by the gram, buy the ounce and take advantage of bulk rates. Most dispensaries and recreational cannabis retailers offer 5%-10% discounts, and in some cases even higher, depending on the amount you purchase.

Shop Around

The biggest and most popular dispensaries in your area usually get the most attention. And the dispensary most convenient to your location is, well, convenient. But that doesn’t mean these outlets have the best prices.

So, if you have some favorite cannabis strains, do a little research and a bit of legwork and see if you can find better deals. Start online and develop a list of local dispensaries and find out what you can on pricing. From there, make some phone calls and see who offers the best prices. And when you call, be sure to ask about special deals, coupon offers, and discount days.

CBD Discounts

If you’re looking for discounted CBD oil, a number of online retailers are offering some great deals! is promoting Black Friday discounts on a dozen CBD products. You’ll find discounts on drops, tinctures, capsules, gummies, vape pens, topical ointments, and even pet treats.

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