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Best Selling Silicone Bongs

August 05, 2022

Do a quick Google Image search for “hand-blown glass bongs” or even just “glass bongs,” and you’ll see a bevy are stunning, sometimes breathtaking creations that are as much works of art as they are functional weed water pipes. And that’s why many cannabis users absolutely love glass bongs!

But there’s a muy importante caveat when it comes to glass bongs: They break. And not only are they breakable, but many glass bongs are incredibly fragile. To the point where you’re like: “Should I even use this?” And if you’re afraid to use a bong, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Alternatives to Glass Bongs

So, if glass bongs are a breakable hazard, what are the alternatives? Plastic, typically acrylic, is the most obvious choice. And a go-to selection for many cannabis smokers.

But while acrylic bongs are certainly more durable than glass and molded plastic can be shaped into unique designs and come in any range of appealing colors, they don’t offer the artistry of glass bongs. Plus, when you smoke from an acrylic bong, you’re literally smoking plastic. And that has a few implicit drawbacks.

First, burning cannabis flower superheats the acrylic, and the heated plastic leeches into the cannabis smoke, coloring the flavor.

And secondly, you’re inhaling the by-product of super-heated acrylic deep into your lungs. You don’t have to be a health expert to know that cannot be good for you.

So, if acrylic bongs are out, what else is there?

How About Silicone Bongs? Ding-Ding-Ding – We Have A Winner!

Silicone bongs are available in a wide array of shapes, colors, and sizes, returning some of the artistry found in the world of glass bongs. And they include most of the same features found in glass and plastic bongs, ultimately functioning in basically the same fashion.

Given that silicone bongs are a great alternative to glass and acrylic bongs, the team took a closer look at their benefits and profiled a few top-selling options.

What Are The Advantages of Silicon Bongs?

Unbreakable – Both pliable and highly durable, silicone bongs are essentially indestructible. Drop ‘em, toss ‘em into the back of your closet, cart ‘em around in your backpack without a care. Component pieces, chiefly the bowl, can break. But those parts can easily be replaced.

Non-toxic – High-quality silicone bongs are made from food-grade silicone, which is anon-toxic material. No inhaling the byproducts of super-heated acrylic.

Portable – Thanks to its durable nature, you can transport a silicon bong in just about any piece of luggage with zero concern over accidental breakage or destruction.

Easy to Clean – Silicone's natural non-stick properties make silicone bongs super easy to clean. If you’re aiming for “fully sanitized,” a little isopropyl alcohol and salt works. But dish soap and warm water does the job just fine. And for the height of convenience, there are also dishwasher-safe silicone bongs.

5 Top-Selling Silicone Bongs

Now that we’re clear on the benefits of a silicone bong, what are some of your best options?

Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong

Eyce ranks among the most popular and celebrated silicone bong makers with good reason! Offering a wide range of affordably priced silicone-based pipes, bongs, and dab rigs, Eyce prioritizes quality and ease of use. And at the top of their outstanding product line is the ever-popular Beaker Bong. It features a hidden removable storage tray tucked away at the bottom, an ice catcher that makes for smooth, cool hits, and a metal poker to help clear the bowl.

Roll Uh Bowl

Simple, effective, and 100% portable, the Roll Uh Bowl silicone bong is styled after the classic cylinder. Literally folding up to nearly fist size (and bound up with the “Smokey Bubbles. Anywhere” plastic strap included with the bong), this marvel is the perfect “on-the-go bong.” Plus, it’s virtually indestructible, dishwasher-safe, and affordably priced – A triple win for cannabis consumers!

PieceMaker UniKorn Silicone Bong

If you’re in the market for super stylish, uniquely designed bongs that harken back to the “glass art” bongs we waxed poetic about above, PieceMaker silicone bongs are for you! And while they offer an array of options, ranging from fabulously funky to so cute it hurts (everybody’s gaga for their Kwak rubber ducky bong), our personal fave is the KniKorn bong shaped to look like, you guessed it, a unicorn. And in case you were wondering, yes, you smoke each luxurious hit out of the unicorn’s horn mouthpiece.

Waxmade 4-In-1 Double Percolator Silicone Bong

Ready to get SERIOUS about your cannabis consumption? Then you NEED the Waxmade 4-In-1 Double Percolator silicone bong! A marvelous machine, its dual percolator design helps circulate smoke through the main chamber several times to ensure smooth, clean, consistent hits on every inhale. The bong also disassembles into four individual parts for easy transport and quick cleaning.

Ooze Kettle Silicone Bong

The Ooze Kettle silicone bong boasts a unique 2-in-1 design that works with both cannabis flower and cannabis concentrates. The interchangeable slide can accommodate either a quartz nail or a typical bowl. The exterior is crafted of durable, food-grade silicone, while the interior is removable borosilicate glass that ensures “smooth as glass” (pun intended) hits and is easy to clean. And not to be outdone by other entrants on this list, the Kettle bong comes in an array of fun and fabulous color combinations.

Looking For Some Weed to Smoke in Your Silicone Bong? Order Online From a Cannabis Delivery Service!

If you’re planning to invest in one of these unique silicone beauties, you’ll definitely need some cannabis flower to fill it up.

But if you’re short on time or don’t want to visit your local dispensary, ordering online from a cannabis delivery service is a quick and convenient alternative. Most delivery services offer same-day delivery right to your front door.

Typically, medical marijuana delivery services and recreational marijuana delivery services are available in areas with legalized cannabis.

To find a local provider, just do an internet search for “weed delivery near me,” and you’ll see plenty of options.

Medical marijuana delivery services and recreational delivery services are typically available, too.

To locate an area provider, do an online search for “weed delivery near me.”

Place an order online, and a driver will deliver the goods right to your front door, usually on the same day.

Medical marijuana delivery services and recreational marijuana delivery services are both available in most legalized areas.

Do a quick internet search for “weed delivery near me,” and you’ll find plenty of local providers.

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