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Best Cannabis Strains + Products For a Chill Labor Day Weekend

Best Cannabis Strains + Products For a Chill Labor Day Weekend

September 03, 2021

Labor Day is on the horizon here in the US. And despite this prized holiday’s name, which implies work, Labor Day was initially conceived to give America’s working-class – the country’s labor force – a government-sanctioned “day of rest.”

First declared an official US holiday by then-President Grover Cleveland in 1984, Cleveland established Labor Day to replace May Day. An unofficial holiday falling on May 1st, the burgeoning socialist movement instigated May Day to celebrate the working class.

Of course, socialism is akin to communism, which is a “dirty word” in the United States. But the government couldn’t be seen thumbing their noses at the nation’s vitally important workforce. So, Cleveland and his cabinet came up with Labor Day to replace May Day.

Now, over 200 years later, the holiday, which falls on the first Monday of September, grants We The People a glorious long weekend. And in turn, it provides the perfect excess to kick back and cut loose.

So, what’s on the agenda for your Labor Day weekend… Backyard barbecue? Party in the park? Day at the beach? Waterskiing on the lake?

Well, whatever your plans happen to be, cannabis is the perfect complement to your Labor Day weekend festivities. And the team has put together a list of cannabis products to make this year’s Labor Day weekend an extremely chill extremely…

Purple Tangie (Sativa Strain)

Looking for an uplifting, euphoric vibe? This potent Sativa will send your spirits soaring, stimulate your creativity center, and turn you into a real chatty Kathy. All of which makes it an excellent choice for a variety of social settings.

Laughing Buddha (Sativa Strain)

Aiming to be the life of the party? An award-winning Sativa, this Buddha will definitely tickle your funny bone. And a giggly temperament is the perfect complement for any Labor Day outing.

Forbidden Fruit (Indica Strain)

In the mood for a great-tasting strain that goes down smooth and easy? Well then, this Indica dominant strain, famed for its fruity flavor and lemony zest fits the bill to a T. And its blissful, joyous effects will have you in the perfect mindset for whatever’s on your docket this holiday weekend.

Kushy Punch Gummies (Cannabis Edible)

Wanna bring some cannabis to share at your outing? With 10 tropical fruit-flavored gummies per package, 100mg of THC in total, you and your compadres will be feeling no pain. If you show up with these delectable gummies, your friends will love you forever (or at least for the rest of the afternoon).

Caramel Cheeba Chews (Cannabis Edible)

The perfect treat for all the chocolate lovers out there, these cannabis-infused chocolate caramel chews are a true delight. 10 deliciously good Sativa chews with 100mg of THC per package. So, you'll not only love the taste but fly high your entire Labor Day weekend.

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