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Best 420 Festivals + Events in The USA

Best 420 Festivals + Events in The USA

April 19, 2022

420 or 4/20 or April 4th is a VERY auspicious occasion for cannabis. It’s often described as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and just about every other holiday you can think of all rolled into one – Purely in celebration of cannabis!

As such, it’s no surprise there are some HUGE festivals honoring this revered date. And whether these gatherings are really about venerating cannabis or just an excuse to get together and toke up… Well, either way, who really cares?

Regardless of their motivations, attendees are cannabis ambassadors. And moreover, a cannabis-fueled good time is sure to be enjoyed by all those on hand.

So, what are some of the biggest, best, and dankest 420 cannabis festivals happening this year? The team serves up a quick list of 420 festival favorites…

National Cannabis Festival – Washington DC

Not to get all political… But then again… Cannabis is a MASSIVE political issue these days. So, why not start in the US capital?

Held on the RFK Festival Grounds in central Washington, DC, this massive event features a wide variety of cannabis exhibitors, a panel discussion, food (in case you get the munchies), and live music.

Not actually held on 420, this year’s outing is slated for Friday, April 22nd.

Mile High 420 Festival – Denver, CO

California may have been the first state to legal medicalize cannabis – Kicking off the modern cannabis legalization movement. But the great State of Colorado was the first to legalize reactional cannabis. A move that proved a watershed moment, with more than a dozen states having since followed their lead.

Thus, it’s fitting one of the best and most popular cannabis festivals – Mile High 420 Festival – is held in Denver, CO.  The event is primarily an exaltation of the fact that the cannabis business in Colorado is GOOD.

And rather than your typical stoner party, the Mile High 420 Festival aims to be a sophisticated affair with notable speakers, top-tier entertainment, local music, and vendor exhibitions.

420 Hippie Hill – San Francisco, CA

Is there a more liberal city in the US than San Francisco? And is there a cause supported by more liberals than cannabis legalization? No. And no.

So, it’s no wonder one of the longest-running cannabis celebrations is held annually in San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Park. Dating back to the early 1970s, tens of thousands of folks from around the globe have gathered in San Francisco to venerate their shared love of cannabis.

Though an impromptu outing in the past, this year’s event is formally permitted by the city. Attendees can expect food trucks and vendors, DJs, and onsite port-o-potties (an element sorely lacking in the event’s “guerilla” happening past).

Smoker’s Club Fest – San Bernadino, CA

For many, Hip Hop and cannabis are synonymous. And if you’re one of those folks, Smoker’s Club fest is for you! Created and sponsored by the Smoker’s Club, a famed NYC-based cannabis lifestyle brand, the day-long music festival is an ode for 420.

This year’s event, held at the Glen Helen Amphitheater, an enormous outdoor venue northeast of Los Angeles in San Bernardino, CA, marks the festival’s 12th anniversary.

Headliners Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, and Playboy Carti are joined by more than 60 artists set to perform an undeniably outstanding bill.

Rather than landing on 420, this year’s Smoker’s Club Fest is set for Saturday, April 30th.

The 420 Special: Snoop Dog With Koe Wetzel – Lincoln, NE

When you think of cannabis, Nebraska's last thing that comes to mind. And that stark contrast is probably why Snoop Dogg, ever the savvy potprenuer, got involved in this groundbreaking event.

Snoop is partnering up with Koe Wetzel, an Outlaw Country legend, in an effort to merge their disparate musical genres into one big ole pot party!

And best of all, if you purchase one of the event’s pre or after-party packages, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Mr. Dogg himself.

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