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5 Most Popular Cannabis Strains

October 09, 2020

5 Most Popular Cannabis Strains

What’s your ideal cannabis selection?

It all depends on what you’re looking to do… Want to kick back and chill? Or are you aiming to party all night long?

Whatever is on your agenda, there’s a cannabis strain that’s perfect for your plan of action.

And to help you make your ideal selection, here are the 5 most popular cannabis strains currently available…

1. Godfather Kush

With a name like Godfather Kush, you know this has to a potent cannabis strain! And with THC measuring as high as 28%, this Indica strain will put you in da couch ;---) Making it an obvious choice for a chill night at the crib.

2. OG Kush

A crossbreed between cannabis native Northern California and Hinda Kush, which hails from Amsterdam, OG Kush is another THC heavy blend. This skunky hybrid boasts an average of 18% THC. While it’s a good choice for a night in, OG Kush can also be a nice compliment to a dinner party or similar laid-back gathering with friends.

3. Blue Dream

A legendary West Coast strain, Blue Dream is a Sativa dominate hybrid hailing from California. Noted for its smooth, easy effects, Blue Dream is more relaxing than upbeat. But unlike Indica strains, it activates your mind and stimulates creativity. It’s a great choice for a night of chatting and hanging with friends.

4. Jack Herer

Named after the famed author and cannabis activist, Jack Herer, this Sativa dominate hybrid was originally created in Amsterdam and sold in local pharmacies as medical-grade cannabis. The effects are reported to be blissful, but also energizing, with a stimulating creativity boost. It’s a perfect complement to a variety of social settings.

5. Pineapple Express

Famous for its fresh pineapple aroma, Pineapple Express is a potent Sativa hybrid that blends the popular Trainwreck and Hawaiian cannabis strains. Up-tempo and energizing, this strain’s long-lasting effects are perfect if you’re looking to keep the party rolling into the wee hours!


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