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Why Does Cannabis Make Sex Better?

Why Does Cannabis Make Sex Better?

April 23, 2021

Is there anything better than sex? For most folks, that answer is resounding NO!

Because even “bad sex” is good sex, right? Let’s get an AMEN on that!

But while we can agree there’s no such as “bad sex,” here’s another question for you: Can you make sex even BETTER?

According to cannabis users, the answer is most definitely YES!

How come?

Well, as cannabis users will tell you, there’s nothing more earth-shatteringly good than sex after sharing a joint (or otherwise imbibing in cannabis) with your partner. And this is true whether you’re with a brand-new hookup or your long-term significant other.

But the real question here is WHY? This is what we were wondering at So, we decided to investigate…

It All Starts With a Chemistry Lesson

Our bodies have receptor cells, called cannabinoids. The THC in cannabis bonds with these receptor cells, and this connection is what “gets you high.”

The cannabinoid cells found in your body are referred to as endogenous, which means “found in the body.” While the cannabinoid portion of THC is referred to as exogenous, which means “found outside the body.”

It turns out that THC’s molecular structure very similar to the endogenous cannabinoid, anandamide, which is also known as the “bliss molecule.” THC and anandamide are considered molecular cousins, as they bond with the same receptor cells.

And this connection is what has long been thought to make cannabis fueled lovin’ the sweetest lovemaking of all.

But New Research Tells a Different Tale

A recent medical research study monitored the body chemistry of several hundred participants who masturbated to the point of orgasm while under the influence of cannabis. [Wow, that sentence is a mouthful!]

Anyway, it turns out anandamide is NOT the cannabinoid released during orgasm. But rather, it’s 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). And it just so happens, this cannabinoid compound plays a crucial role in pleasure and sexual arousal.

The research also determined that THC doesn’t impact 2-AG. In fact, 2-AG doesn’t bond with cannabinoid receptors.

However, researchers found that CBD increases 2-AG levels in the body. All of which means if you want to make your sexy time even sexier – A highly concentrated dose of CBD is your best bet!

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