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Who Consumes more Cannabis – Women or Men?

Who Consumes more Cannabis – Women or Men?

April 16, 2021

Most “stoners” are guys, right? Sure, the stereotypical stoner is always a scruffy guy in a knit watch cap, ratty hooded sweatshirt, and tattered jeans.

Cannabis is largely marketed to men. The packaging, promotions, and even the names of various cannabis strains are mostly targeted toward male sensibilities.

All of which seems to imply that guys are the Kings of Cannabis!

But this apparent male domination of all things cannabis got us wondering here at about how many women use cannabis.

After all, women account for more than half of the world’s population. So, at least a few gals out there must be using cannabis, right?

Well, after digging into some current stats, here’s what we found…

More Women Are Using Cannabis Than Men

According to a recent survey conducted by the Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC), women lead the pack when it comes to cannabis use!

The CCC’s survey, which polled 500+ cannabis users in all 50 states, found that 58% of the respondents were women. In contrast, only 41% were men.

What’s at the root of this shift challenging long-held assumptions about cannabis use? The CCC has a few theories…

Women Dominate Consumer Spending

Looking at cannabis consumption from an economic angle, it’s important to note that women drive more than 70% of all consumer spending.

And more tellingly, women are increasingly spending more on cannabis. In California alone, the number of women purchasing cannabis doubled in 2019. A figure that continues to rise in a steep upward trend.

Women Embrace Cannabis’s Therapeutic Potential

Cannabis first began to gain a legal foothold thanks to its medicinal value. And women seem to have taken note of cannabis’s treatment potential.

This is evidenced by the fact that, according to current research, women are twice as likely to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Specifically, women report turning to cannabis to mitigate stress, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as for pain management.

Whereas men typically attribute their cannabis use to recreational purposes. In other words, dudes are sparking up joints, pipes, and bongs to get high, yo!

Optics Vs. Reality of Cannabis Consumption

As with many things in our world, appearances are deceiving. Traditional thought and prevailing norms cast men as cannabis’s primary consumers.

The data, however, tells us women are the REAL kings of cannabis!

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