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What Category Does Cannabis Fall Into?

What Category Does Cannabis Fall Into?

November 10, 2021

Drugs, whether used for medical or recreational purposes, fall into four general categories. The categories are defined by the effects of the drugs and are divided as follows…

Simulants (uppers) – Cocaine and methamphetamine (AKA speed and its many derivations).

Depressants (functional inhibitors, barbiturates) – Alcohol, Xanax, and other drugs designed to inhibit your central nervous system.

Hallucinogen (also called psychedelics) – LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA (ecstasy + molly), and PCP.

Opiate (narcotics, sedatives) – Heroin, valium, Vicodin, oxycodone, and a host of other opiate derivatives.

So, where does cannabis fit among these four categories? It’s a common question, and we hear it all the time here But it’s also a difficult inquiry to answer.

In short, it depends. Each person is different, so the effects of cannabis tend to vary based on the individual user. The type of strain also makes a huge impact. Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains all produce markedly different effects.

But ultimately, cannabis is what they call an “all arounder.” Meaning, cannabis qualifies as a stimulate, depressant, and hallucinogen. (And for the record, cannabis has never been considered an opiate because it doesn’t produce the same level of sedation.)

Confused? Us, too! So, let’s take a look at what the experts say…

Cannabis as a Stimulant

Similar to other stimulants, cannabis, typically Sativa strains, can raise your heart rate, increase your energy level, make you more alert, and generally make you feel happier and more upbeat.

Additionally, like other stimulants, cannabis can send your heart rate racing out of control, leading many users to fear they’re experiencing a heart attack. Cannabis can also induce anxiety and severe panic attacks, along with provoking irrational fear, sometimes to the point of paranoia.

Cannabis as a Depressant

Like other depressants, Cannabis, usually Indica strains, can “depress” your central nervous system, which clams you, both physically and mentally. In turn, you feel relaxed and more at ease. And this can help with insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Also, like depressants, cannabis can disrupt your coordination, cause slurred speech, blurred vision, and short-term memory loss. Prime reasons why you shouldn’t drive (any sort of vehicle), operate heavy machinery, or perform any task that requires physical dexterity or mental clarity.

Cannabis as a Hallucinogen

Unlike many hallucinogens, which often cause users to have vivid hallucinations, cannabis can, but rarely does, induce full-blown hallucination. Cannabis does, however, produce many of the side effects associated with hallucinations.

Cannabis typically alters your perception of time, often making short periods seem infinitely longer. It can also appear to enliven your sense of touch, taste, and smell, along with sharpening your visual perception.

And while these effects seem “real” in the moment, they’re actually hallucinatory misperceptions. Your senses aren’t more acute, but rather the cannabis is prompting your senses to react differently.

In addition, this altered sense of perception can cause you to disassociate from the world around you. And this disconnect is why some cannabis users seem distant, withdrawn, and anti-social. It’s another reason to avoid operating a vehicle, heavy machinery, or performing concentration-intensive tasks while under the influence of cannabis.

Which Category’s Traits Best Defines Cannabis?

Ultimately, cannabis shares the most in common with hallucinogens, albeit on a much more limited level.

Drugs like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms cause brain receptors cells that shape perception to bond at random. And these arbitrary neurological connections produce hallucinations.

Alternatively, cannabis causes these receptor cells to bond slightly askew, thus falling short of inducing vivid, immersive hallucinations.

And it’s these slightly askew cellular bonds that, in the case of Indica strains, help you relax, calming your body and mind, and in the case of Sativa strains, increase your energy level and elevate your mood.

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