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Health stories

Struggling to Manage Your Cannabis Consumption?

August 30, 2022

Life is hectic. Our schedules are packed to the brim. And the relentless demands can be totally overwhelming. That's why we all need to relax, right? To Unwind, kick back, let go of built-up stress, and generally forget our troubles.

Sure! Otherwise, you're headed for burnout a best and a severe meltdown at worst. All of this is why a lot of folks turn to substances like alcohol and cannabis.

Meanwhile, there's nothing wrong with a couple of beers after work, a cocktail or two before dinner, or a few glasses of wine with a meal. Similarly, smoking a joint after a long day or taking a few hits off a vaporizer before bed is perfectly fine.

There is, however, a line between responsible, moderate drinking and cannabis use and depending on them as a coping mechanism. Especially when you're using them daily and your intake steadily increases.

Alcohol takes a more apparent toll. Overdoing it results in a hangover. And a daily hangover is something most of us would rather avoid. But the impact of cannabis is less pronounced. Although there may be some aftereffects the following day, the fallout is nothing compared to a hangover. And this, in turn, leads many to believe there's no such thing as "overdoing it" with cannabis.

But overusing any substance, even prescription medication, can negatively impact your health. In the case of cannabis consumption, if you're smoking or vaping heavily, it can be bad for your lungs and heart. And daily use of high THC cannabis can, at least temporarily, alter your brain chemistry.

In addition to the impact on your health, relying too much on cannabis can make you more withdrawn, remote, and antisocial, along with impacting your interpersonal relationships and work performance. All of which are more likely to increase your stress level rather than reduce it.

We often receive inquiries at about "unhealthy cannabis habits." Be it from individuals concerned about their intake or folks worried that their loved ones are overdoing.

Cutting Back on Cannabis Use

Whatever may be prompting concerns over your cannabis intake, if you're looking to cut back, here are some tactics that can help.

Take a Break

Over a period of consistent use, you're likely to build up a tolerance. In turn, you'll find yourself using more and more cannabis to produce the same effect. To avoid this, take occasional breaks. A good rule of thumb is taking a week off every 4-6 weeks.

Switch Strains

Your system reacts differently to different strains. So, while you may have built a tolerance to one strain, using less of another strain could produce an equally potent high.


Reduce Intake

Instead of smoking an entire joint, smoke half and save the rest later. Or skip the joint and pack a bowl in a small pipe.

Use More Potent Strains

Instead of smoking a joint rolled with a weaker strain, take one or two hits from a pipe packed with a highly potent strain.

Buy Less Cannabis

One of the most effective weight loss strategies is simply keeping less unhealthy food in your house. Same goes for cannabis. If you buy in smaller quantities, there's less to use.

Changing Your Behavior

If merely "cutting back" doesn't feel like it's making a strong enough impact on your cannabis use, you may need to consider working to change your cannabis-related behavior patterns. And toward that end, here are some strategies to help you better shift your overall behavior.

Assess Your Cannabis Use

Why are you using cannabis? Regular cannabis use generally has a purpose. Relaxation, managing stress, as a sleep aid to relieve pain. Understanding your motivations is half the battle on the path to moderating your use.

Monitor Your Cannabis Usage

How often are you using cannabis? And when you do, how much are you using? If the answer is "every day" and "a lot," odds are you need to cut back.

Why Should You Cut Down?

If you're concerned about your cannabis use, something is likely bothering you. Is it your health, changes in your behavior, or the cost? Make a list in writing so that you can see the potential problems in black and white.

Make a Plan To Change Your Habits

Chart a step-by-step plan in writing that outlines how you intend to change your behavior. It should begin with the day you intend to start changing your pattern and include strategies to cope with your cravings.

Be Persistent

Changing your behavior is a process, it takes time, and you're bound to have setbacks. The key is to stay with it. If you overindulge, don't just give up. Acknowledge your mistake and work to get back on track toward your goal.

Stay Positive

Don't approach it like a chore if you want to cut down on cannabis or change your behavior. Frame it as a benefit that will improve your life. Maintaining a positive perspective will make the process much easier.

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