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Struggling to Get Good Sleep?

October 06, 2020

Struggling to Get Good Sleep? 

These 3 Cannabis Products Can Help…

Whether you suffer from occasional sleep disruptions or full-blown insomnia, when sleep difficulties kick-in, it can wreak havoc on your life.

And if you’re one of the 70 million Americans victimized by some form of sleep disorder, you know just how devastating the results can be…

Lower productivity, lost time at work, less time with family + friends, not a compromised immune system leading to more frequent illness are all by-products for poor sleep.

Fortunately, there is an all-natural herb remedy that can help – cannabis! 

An increasing number of physicians’ support cannabis as a sleep aid. And that support stems from a growing body of research that shows cannabis can not only help you fall asleep faster but can also ensure you stay asleep longer (which covers the two of the most reported sleep-related issues).

The question now is, which cannabis products are the most beneficial sleep aids? Thanks to the quickly expanding cannabis marketplace, there are number of effective cannabis sleep remedies. 

But to narrow the field a bit, here the top 3 cannabis sleep aids on the market today:

Cannabis Flower (Smokers Delight!): Zamnesia

If smoking cannabis is your preference, the most heralded strain for sleep is the legendary Northern Lights. With a smooth affect, Northern lights is your go-to strain for serenely drift into a restful sleep. And while Northern Lights available from countless brands, Zamnesia is one the top selling and best reviewed brands on the market.

Cannabis Oils (Vapers Unite!): Select Indica Vape Pen

If traditional cannabis smoking isn’t your thing, vaporizing cannabis oil is your best alternative. Vaping is just as fast acting, minus the harsh impact on your lungs (and body overall) that comes with inhaling cannabis flower smoke. And when it comes to Vaping, Select is your top choice! The Select Indica Vape Pen is a pre-packaged cannabis oil cartridge featuring a blend of Indica strains carefully balanced to ensure an easy decent in sleepy time.

Cannabis Edibles (Yummy Gummies!): Jamyn Gummies by YiLo

While smoking and vaping cannabis ensures quick delivery, edibles are slower to take effect, but last longer. This makes edibles preferable for those we struggle with staying asleep sustained periods, which is an all too common sleep disorder. Of course, there are no shortage of cannabis edibles on the market. But gummies rank among the most popular options. And Jamyn Gummies, produced by YiLo, are a popular top-seller. Each pack includes a variety of fruity gummies that vary in dosage, based on flavor. Which makes it easy to select your ideal dose.

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