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Reduce The Health Risks of Smoking Cannabis: Adjust Your Lighter Flame

Reduce The Health Risks of Smoking Cannabis: Adjust Your Lighter Flame

April 06, 2021

There’s plenty of evidence to support the notion that smoking cannabis can cause some of the same health issues as smoking cigarettes.

This concern is one of the key factors driving the cannabis vaping market. But vaping has also proven to have its drawbacks. Many of which are yet to be fully revealed.

Cannabis edibles have also gained popularity as a healthy alternative to smoking joints and pipes. But consuming cannabis edibles is an entirely different experience than smoking or vaping cannabis. Because, of course, you must wait for your body to digest the cannabis. And the resulting effects are often much stronger and can last far longer.

Thus, due to the shortcomings of vaping and edibles, smoking joints and pipes remain the preferred method of consumption for many cannabis users.

The Disposable Butane Lighter: The Cannabis User’s Best Friend + Worst Enemy

If you’re like most users, when your spark up a joint or burn a bud in a pipe, you do so with a butane lighter. In fact, disposable butane lighters and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly (in the sandwich you eat after you smoke to quell the munchies ;---).

But when using a butane lighter – on top of whatever potential carcinogens and possibly harmful byproducts you’re inhaling with cannabis smoke cannabis – you’re also sucking down butane fumes.

And however bad cannabis smoke may be for you, butane gas is essentially poison. So, it’s 10x worse for your body than cannabis. And the less butane you inhale, the better of you are.

Pro Tip: Adjust Your Lighter Flame

Well, toward that end, your friends and have a Pro Tip for cannabis smokers:

When lighting your joint or pipe, lower the flame on your disposable butane later to the lowest level possible. Even when the lighter flame is just a tiny nib, it’s still more than sufficient to ignite and burn the cannabis in your joint or pipe.

And another hit here… Avoid buying exceptionally cheap disposable lighters that don’t have flame controls. In other words, the $0.99 Cents Store disposable lighter five pack is always a bad choice.

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