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Does Cannabis Give You a Hangover?

Does Cannabis Give You a Hangover?

June 01, 2021

Most of us have experienced the grave misfortune of an alcohol-induced hangover.

An evening outing turns into a late-night rager. One too many drinks go down the hatch. And the next morning… Your head pounds. Your eyes throb. And your entire body feels like a sunken lead weight. Not to mention your brain feels like it’s on the verge of literally exploding inside your skull.

Ironically enough, it’s the desire to avoid the “brown bottle flu” (which is our favorite euphemism for a good ole fashion hangover) that motivates many to opt for cannabis over beer, wine, or whisky.

Yet, many cannabis users also report feeling than stellar in the morning after partaking in late night pot. Foggy heading feelings and groggy countenance being the most oft complaints.

This paradox, which flies in the face of conventional cannabis wisdom, got us wondering here at So, we decided to take a closer look at the possibility of contracting a “weed hangover.”

What is a Hangover, And How Could it Apply to Cannabis?

Technically speaking, a “hangover” refers to any residual impact you feel, whether in body or mind, the morning after imbibing in any mind-altering substance.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the active ingredient in cannabis that “gets you high.” And THC can be stored in your body’s fat cells for days after cannabis use. Meanwhile, even basic physical activity can release that residual THC. This means your body is still, at least in part, under the influence of THC.

What Are The Signs Of a Cannabis Hangover?

Scientific studies in 1985 and 1998 both appear to validate that a cannabis hangover is, indeed, a thing.

In these studies, a control group was given placebo joints, and a separate user group was given actual cannabis joints. Both groups were then given cognitive tests immediately after smoking their respective placebo and cannabis joins. Predictably, the cannabis users showed signs of impairment.

The two groups were given the same conative tests the morning after. And the cannabis users still had some difficulty with certain tasks.

This evidence seems to be supported by the “brain fog” and general “sluggishness” most oft-reported as symptoms of a “cannabis hangover.”

The dry mouth and feeling of thick, gluey saliva known as “Cottonmouth” is also a frequently reported symptom. Cottonmouth, however, isn’t due to the dehydration that accompanies alcohol hangovers. Instead, this dryness occurs because THC actually suppresses your salivary glands.

Another commonly noted symptom is sometimes called “stoned-over.” This refers to literally still being high, meaning the initial effects of cannabis consumption have yet to fully subside.

Can You Avoid a Cannabis Hangover?

The same rules that apply to dodging an alcohol hangover also apply to cannabis.

Moderation – Too much of a good thing is ALWAYS a BAD THING.

Eat Before You Imbibe – Consuming cannabis on an empty stomach is bound to intensify the effects. And the effects are also likely to linger longer.

Stay Hydrated – Not because cannabis dehydrates you (which is doesn’t), but because consuming plenty of liquids helps flush the intoxicating chemicals out of your body that much more quickly.

Get Plenty of Rest – Hangovers, whether from alcohol or cannabis, are often compounded by overindulging late at night and then failing to get enough rest.

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