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Are Cannabis And Alcohol a Good Mix?

August 23, 2022

If you have any experience “partying,” you’ve probably heard the phrase: “Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker!”

If it isn’t already obvious, this expression offers some long-revered advice on mixing different alcoholic beverages. And if you haven’t experienced this unfortunate fallout from failing to heed these instructions firsthand, we can assure you, these are sage words indeed.

Odds are, if “partying” is on your resume, you’re probably passed around a joint or took turns pulling bong rips while tossing back a couple of cold ones. Or, if you’re a bit older and more sophisticated, you passed a joint with some wine during a dinner party or imbibed some weed along with a tumbler of single malt scotch over an after-dinner drink.

But while there’s loads of advice on mixing drinks, what’s the word on combining cannabis and alcohol?

It’s a question we often hear at And considering the virtues of mixing cannabis and alcohol is a hot topic among occasional and frequent cannabis users, it’s clearly worth a closer look.

What Does Medical Science Say About Mixing Cannabis + Alcohol?

Truth be told, there isn’t much research data charting the interactions between cannabis and alcohol. Mainly because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level.

And the research that does exist is inconclusive at best. Thus far, the limited results range from concluding alcohol has little impact on THC levels to deducing that pairing the two substances amplifies the effects of both, markedly increasing intoxication.

One recent clinical study appeared to show that individuals who consumed a small amount of alcohol with cannabis had notably higher THC levels than those who consumed just weed. In turn, the study concluded that combining cannabis and alcohol: “increases performance impairment and compromises judgment.” Meaning you’re more likely to struggle with completing basic physical tasks and more apt to make poor decisions.

A study at Brown University revealed that consuming cannabis and straight liquor or mixed cocktails increased impairment far more than mixing cannabis with beer or wine.

Also, since food seems to be more readily digested with alcohol consumption, it appears cannabis edibles are more quickly absorbed. And this can make your edibles high far more intense and much longer lasting.

But ultimately, the impact of combining cannabis-alcohol varies from person to person. In addition to the type of alcohol and cannabis you’re mixing, your body mass, whether you have a full stomach, your tolerance level, and your consumption rate all play an essential role in governing your high.

What Do Practical Experience And User Anecdotes Say About Mixing Cannabis + Alcohol?

There are certainly plenty of horror stories from folks who’ve gotten drunk, taken a few monster hits off a joint, and quickly found themselves in a world of hurt.

But what does the average cannabis user say most often about their experiences with mixing cannabis and alcohol? For the most part, anecdotal evidence seems to indicate very few negative interactions when combining the two substances.

But there are two considerations worth noting: The level of consumption and the order of consumption.

Moderate Consumption = You’re Safe

A couple of beers, a cocktail, or a glass or two of wine combined with a few hits from a joint are unlikely to produce any ill effects.

Of course, the elements noted above, like body mass, whether you’ve eaten, and tolerance factor into the equation. But judging by the “typical experience” for the “average user,” you don’t have much to worry about.

Weed Before Alcohol = You Should Be OK

If you’re high, like well and truly baked, whether from smoking cannabis flower or downing edibles, and you start drinking, you’re unlikely to feel any adverse effects. Cannabis consumption causes neurotransmitters in the brain to bond at random. Alcohol blocks the bonding of the brain’s neurotransmitters, but the effects of cannabis disrupt this blockage.

Alcohol Before Weed = Trouble Ahead

Conversely, if you’re drunk, as in you’ve had several drinks, and you’re feeling buzzed or beyond, and you smoke weed or munch an edible, you’re headed for trouble. Your brain chemistry has already been turned upside down by the effects of the alcohol. The impact of cannabis tweaking your neurotransmitters can make you feel extremely nauseous and lead to vomiting in the moment, not to mention instigating a massive hangover the next day.

In short, you’re safe in moderation, but if you’re planning to toss back more than a few drinks, do it AFTER you’re already high on weed.

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