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Top 5 Celebrity Cannabis Brands

October 20, 2020

Top 5 Celebrity Cannabis Brands

Is cannabis going “mainstream?” Well, that’s debatable (though less and less so every day).

But here’s what certain… A growing number of celebrities are cashing in on the surging popularity of cannabis. How so? By launching their own branded cannabis products!

So, who’s hawking their own branded cannabis wares? The list is climbing skyward. And includes scores of musicians, actors, and major media figures.

And here are 5 of the most notable celebrities getting in on the act…

Snoop Dogg

What’s that you say? Snoop Dogg, AKA “The Dogfather,” is a purveyor of fine cannabis products? Really no surprise here.

A hip hop star, Dr. Dre cohort, and cooking show cohost with Martha Stewart (another prominent figure on this list), Snoop is a virtual media mogul. He’s also a long-time cannabis user and vocal advocate.

And he’s putting his money literally where his mouth is with Leafs by Snoop. His own brand of cannabis flower and edible products. Snoops founded his line in partnership with Canopy Growth, one of the largest cannabis growers in North America.

Seth Rogen

Hey, didn’t Seth Rogen co-write and co-star in a movie (with James Franco, another notable cannabis connoisseur) named after one of the most popular cannabis strains going, Pineapple Express? Yup! And now he has his own line of branded cannabis, too.

Again, no surprise here. Rogen, an unrepentantly vocal cannabis user, has made a career out of writing and portraying pothead characters enveloped in a haze of weed smoke on the silver screen.

Rogen’s line is called Houseplant and includes Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis flower buds, pre-rolled joints, and soft capsules. And Rogen’s line is also created in partnership with Canopy Growth

Whoopi Goldberg

A celebrated comedian, famed actor, and long-time co-host of the View, a daytime TV talk show staple, Whoopi Goldberg is practically an American institution.

And on top of this impressive resume, Whoopi is also a partner in the cannabis company, Whoopi and Maya. Formed in partnership with Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles (an all-female owned business), Whoopi and Maya offer a specialized line of topical cannabis-infused products designed to relieve menstrual pain.

Willie Nelson

A Country Music giant, Willie Nelson is a famed performer and songwriter, responsible for penning such hit songs as Crazy, On The Road Again, and Always On My Mind, to name just a few.

But he’s equally famous for smoking a joint with a member of former President Jimmy Carter’s staff on the Whitehouse lawn in 1979. Talk about an Outlaw Country rebel!?

Nelson, a long-confirmed cannabis user, and legalization advocate is also the founder of Willie’s Reserve, a unique cannabis company. In addition to offering a full line of cannabis products and cannabis-related gear, Willie’s reserve also solicits partnerships with other pot-prenuers.

Martha Stewart

A one-time model turned lifestyle guru and housewares business mogul; Martha Stewart actually has a bit of history with cannabis. Well, sort of… Stewart co-hosted the VH1 Network cooking show, Martha + Snoop’s Potluck Dinner with another top celebrity on this list – the venerable cannabis captain, Snoop Dogg.

In the days since she started palling around with Snoop Dogg, Stewart has launched a line of CDC-infused products for pets. This enterprise is also in partnership with Canopy Growth. And as research on the effect of CBD on humans continues, Stewart’s line could eventually include products for humans, too!

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