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Reports reveal cannabis as the world’s most popular drug

August 26, 2019

Cannabis is the most commonly used drug in the world. In 2017 about 188 mln people consumed weed, with a 20-percent increase in 2018. Naturally, the most pot-smokers reside in North America, since marijuana was made legal in Canada and several US states. Nearly 56.6 mln Northern Americans are devoted to weed. The next on the popularity list is Asia with 54.2 mln consumers. The numbers may strike as incredible, but it is only about 3.8% of the world population – not even 5%. The media often state that nearly 30% of the Earth-dwellers use cannabis, but it is totally untrue.

The US is moving fast with marijuana legalization, with the volume of police weed seizures having dropped by 77% in the past two decades. We are witnessing not only an increase in the use rate, but also the development of consumption culture and a rise in public awareness.

As cannabis is becoming more and more popular, there is much effort needed to make educational information available, to promote medical marijuana, to explain its benefits for the treatment and rehabilitation of both humans and animals. The road to amazing discoveries still lies ahead.

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