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Brands and products

Most Recognized Cannabis Brands

August 02, 2022

The terms brand and branding are huge buzzwords these days, especially in the marketing game. It seems like everything is about defining a brand, building it, protecting it, and so…

So, what is all this branding business really about? In short, a brand is how the public perceives a person, product, business, or organization. Thus, the positive or negative traits the public associates with an entity defines its brand.

For example, is a brand. And, as our tagline states, our brand is defined as: “The Web’s Best FREE Cannabis Platform.” Or at least that’s the branding we’re aiming for – How we doin’?

Meanwhile, as the cannabis industry continues its exponential expansion, branding is becoming increasingly important mainly because cannabis businesses face unique challenges in building a distinctive brand.

How so?

Essentially, every cannabis business is selling the same thing: Weed. Of course, that’s an oversimplification, as “weed” diversifies into flower, concentrates, and edibles. And many businesses either incorporate or focus solely and cannabis accessories. But you get the larger point, in the end, it’s all cannabis.

Thus, it takes genuine creative savvy to develop a brand that stands out and makes a memorable impression on the public at large.

So, what are some of the cannabis brands that have managed to become genuinely recognizable? Let’s take a look!


Founded in 2017, STIIIZY is top selling vape maker highly rated by consumers for their innovative, high-quality concentrates. Their potent and effective concentrates and distinctively designed, propriety vape carts have vaulted Stiiizy to the top of the vape heap, making them one of today’s most recognizable cannabis brands.

Heavy Hitters

Launched and headquartered in Los Angeles since 1996, Heavy Hitters is a family-owned and operated enterprise. Singularly dedicated to producing quality products and committed to innovation, Heavy Hitters makes one of the best-selling vape cartridges, in addition to offering a growing line of edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolls. And with more than 15 years in the game, Heavy Hitters is one of the cannabis industry’s most well-known and highly regarded brands.


Founded in 2010 in Oakland, California, KIVA is the high-end cannabis confectioner. Offering a full line of cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies, and mints, KIVA’s high-quality, top consumer-rated products are not only delicious and potent, but elegantly packaged as well. A design approach that casts KIVA’s branding similar to that of an exclusive, artisan chocolatiers.


Launch in 2014 as a lifestyle brand, Kurvana is best known for the stylishly designed, high potency line of vape pens, highlighted by their popular ASCND models. Kurvana’s business model prizes quality, integrity, and innovation above all else focused on developing products that enhance consumers' lives. And the company’s single-minded commitment to excellence and unique, tasteful design has established them as a top cannabis vape marker.


Celebrity participation in the cannabis industry is nothing new. Yet, famed comedian, writer, actor, and filmmaker Seth Rogan’s Houseplant cannabis accessory company still made a huge splash when it launched in the United States last year. The Canadian-based company produces various cannabis-related consumer products, including ashtrays, block table liters, and one-off ceramic pieces designed with a ‘60s modern feel. And the company’s high-profile brand is likely helped in no small measure by Rogen’s starring role in Pineapple Express, one of the best-known weed comedies of all time.

How Important is Branding to the Cannabis Industry?

Cannabis is migrating into the mainstream, normalized by the persistent march toward federal legalization, the acceptance of cannabis’s therapeutic value, and evolving moral perspectives on recreational drug use.

And this commodification of cannabis will yield brand stratification, with certain companies emerging as recognized leaders while others are viewed as lesser players.

These divisions will be marked by how well individual companies brand their businesses.

Interested in Sampling These Brands’ Products? Order From a Cannabis Delivery Service!

You can find products from most, if not all, of the brands noted above at your local dispensary. But if time is of the essence or you’d rather avoid visiting a dispensary, you can place an online order through a cannabis delivery service.

Most regions with legalized cannabis offer cannabis home delivery, usually with same-day turnaround times.

Medical marijuana delivery services and recreational delivery services are typically available, too.

To locate an area provider, do an online search for “weed delivery near me.”

Place an order online, and a driver will deliver the goods right to your front door, usually on the same day.

Medical marijuana delivery services and recreational marijuana delivery services are both available in most legalized areas.

Do a quick internet search for “weed delivery near me,” and you’ll find plenty of local providers.

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