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How Strong is Your Weed Vocabulary?

August 26, 2022

Any active, vibrant subculture has its own vernacular. A distinct language that includes terminology, common expressions, and slang terms that form a vocabulary unique to that subculture.

As a case in point, cannabis is a thriving subculture with its steadily growing vocabulary. And while you can certainly survive as a cannabis user without knowing much “weed lingo,” you’ll be far more clued into cannabis conversations if you have a better handle on the language of cannabis.

It’s probably no surprise that we get tons of inquiries at about cannabis-related terms. Everything from commonplace nicknames to seemingly ridiculous slang describes getting high.

So, what weed words matter? We were wondering the exact same thing!

Turns out cannabis-connected language is broken down into three significant categories covering topics most important to weed users, including:

  • Nicknames for weed, broken down by the quality
  • Measurement amounts
  • And terms for consumption (AKA codenames for “getting high”)

Common Nicknames For Cannabis

You’ve undoubtedly heard words like grass, dope, ganja, bud, and the ever-classic reefer used as synonyms for weed. But these are antiquated expressions, employed mainly by the “OK Boomer” set.

Contemporary cannabis users, however, have a much broader palette. Modern-day vernacular even use synonyms for weed to define its quality.

For example, top shelf herb is known as:

  • Gas
  • Chronic
  • Dank
  • Endo
  • Fuego
  • Gas
  • Herb
  • Jazz Cabbage
  • Kind (buds)
  • Purps
  • Sticky Icky
  • Tree (as in “let’s burn a tree”)
  • Zaza

So-so quality weed is referred to as:

  • Carpet Weed
  • Creeper
  • Smalls
  • Ouid
  • Pot

And the crappy product is called:

  • Bammer
  • Boof
  • Ditch Weed
  • Reggie
  • Schwag

Measurements Terms For Cannabis Quantities

In the old days, when weed was purchased on the street corner, in a park, or at a friend of a friend’s sketchy apartment, measurements were easy. You bought dimes, eighth, quarter, or ounce. And to some extent, these terms are still around.

But other slang terms have emerged, and while they may not be in everyday use at your local dispensary, they’re still a big part of cannabis vernacular. Here are some of the most commonly used measurement expressions:

Dime bag – A classic term, about as old weed, itself that typically refers to ½ gram or $10 worth. Meanwhile, $10 would buy about half a hit these days.

Dub sack – Refers to roughly 1 gram of weed, a goes for around $20 (assuming you’re still buying on the black market)

Eighth or “Henry VIII” – Refers to ⅛ ounce, about 3.5 grams.

Quarter or “Q” – Refers to a ¼ ounce or around 7 grams.

OZ, as in “oh-zee,” or “Zip,” – Refers to 1 ounce or roughly 28 grams.

Lid – Ranking as the most nebulous measurement term, it supposedly refers to the amount of weed you can fit on the cover of a particular type of tobacco tin. Which tobacco tin exactly is a fact that’s been lost to annals of time, so the actual amount varies.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

So, what’s it called when it’s time to fire up a joint and actually get down to smoking up? Turns out there are quite a few names for this practice. Actually, there are tons, but here are some classics and a few oddities we really love.

Spark it up – An oldie, but a goodie.

Blaze – As in, “Let’s get BLAZED!

Clam Baking – No seafood required.

Burn One – Meaning, burn a big phat JOINT!

Blast – As in, it’s time to “blast off!”)

Blowing or Blowing a Stick – The potential for conflating these terms with sex-related slang makes them a bit dodgy but nonetheless funny.

Hit the Hay – Not the going to bed hitting the hey.

Fly Mexican Airlines – A reference to the fact that lots of black market weed comes from Mexico.

Other Interesting Cannabis Slang Words

As you can probably imagine, there’s lots more slang that falls outside the three major categories Noted above. In truth, the wide world of weed vernacular is exhaustive. And while we could draft a list miles long, here are a few more terms that made us chuckle or otherwise stood out.

Chiefing – Hogging all the weed in a group sesh.

Chad – A poser that never endorsed weed UNTIL it became legal.

Couchy – A potent Indica strain that seriously puts you “in da couch!”

Crossfaded – A person who’s high and drunk at the same time.

Tatered – When you get SUPER high smoking weed.

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